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Social design workshops 2023 for 1st year BA students

About the workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to familiarise the students with the design process and its importance in generating ideas, exploring possibilities and creating innovative solutions based on research. During the course of the week in October, the students will create a rough visual and complete an editorial illustration, which they will develop in animation or video during the second part of the workshop in November.

Editorial Illustration is artwork created in response to written text, usually as an article in a magazine, newspaper or blog. It can visualise the most abstract, surreal and complex themes and concepts, interacting with the text, grabbing readers’ attention and drawing them into the story. The starting point for this workshop is based on the main topic ‘IDENTITY’. Before the workshop, the participants will receive a list of articles on the identity crisis in our times and its many aspects influencing our daily life.


  • following a design brief
  • analysing a written article
  • mind-mapping
  • mood boards
  • initiating ideas through sketching
  • refining the best ideas
  • finding an adequate visual language
  • finalising a drawing to a rough visual
  • creating a final illustration according to specification


From identity to mission for 2nd, 3rd BA and MA students

About the workshop

What if we could design our way out of crises? This question fuels the mission-driven approach that Dutch Design Week (DDW) is taking this year. DDW has invited 2,500 designers to define their mission, inspired by economist Mariana Mazzucato’s concept of missions in her publication, Mission-Oriented Research & Innovation in the European Union. Mission thinking is about bringing everyone and everything together to collaborate on tackling significant societal challenges and designing radical solutions.

DDW has identified five key missions for this year: boosting our natural environment, enhancing our living spaces, improving health, promoting equality, and shaping a positive digital future. These missions serve as a framework for DDW to collaborate with designers and various partners. In addition to choosing a mission,designers are encouraged to identify themselves based on their unique perspectives.


  • collaborate
  • designing radical solutions


Printing based workshops: silkscreen and zine production for 2nd, 3rd BA and MA students

About the workshop

During the workshops, students will explore the broad topic of identity: both individual and communal, along with the associated issues and tensions. In moderated discussions, we will attempt to select topics most relevant to the students, which they can later develop visually (either in groups or individually). The outcome of their work will be small zines or other forms of print publications.

The final outcome of the workshops will be the preparation and printing their own publications (individually or in groups), based on the identity-related topics they have chosen. The workshops will be conducted at PJAIT and at Pracownia Wschodnia.


  • mind mapping
  • screen printing
  • preparation for printing
  • visual narratives
  • book binding


Speculative Design for De-westernization of the Digital for 2nd, 3rd BA and MA students

About the workshop

We are using desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones with generic interfaces and standard applications lacking any cultural references to non-Western values and aesthetics. The functionality of most of these digital environments follows the modernist, neoliberal logic of pragmatism for work purposes and social networking in a consumer society, rather than that of, for instance, spirituality in personal (inner) life, family bonding or our relationship with nature.

From the specific perspective of East of Europe the, so-called, „digital revolution” happened without our critical and creative involvement in shaping its overall (visual) identity and functionality. For decades there is an omnipresence of American solutions such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS everywhere, but Polish or Ukrainian operating system does not even exist (yet). But what if it did? How would it look like, how would it work and what would people do with it if it was out there?


  • creative coding
  • ux design


  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • dekstop computers
  • tablets


Social design workshops 2023 for 2nd, 3rd BA and MA students



About the workshop

Students will attend lectures, read given articles, analyze information, work either alone or in teams during the workshop and create design concept that will lead to a finalized design proposal. Students will solve issues of different media, aesthetic, context, expression, and convention. Social design course/workshops enable students to apply design proposals either as a printed outcome, an interactive or an animated poster, information data design, game, an app, an illustration, video or an event.

Students will improve their design skills and understanding how our society function. First part of the course is focused on several lectures given by experts. Students will also provide a visual diary in order to help them in creating visual concepts. Students will be attending to lectures in the morning, discussing, evaluating, and redefining the societal role of a designer.


  • x


  • sketchbooks & pencils
  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • cameras
  • tablets