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Natalia Łajszczak

Natalia Łajszczak is a Graphic designer and activist. Affiliated with PJAIT university, where she runs a screen printing studio. She is also a member of the artistic collective Pracownia Wschodnia, through which she engages in artistic activities and organises events promoting print culture. Currently, she collaborates with institutions such as ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) and CAS (Center for Social Archiving).

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The screen printing studio at PJAIT is a print lab dedicated to the screen printing technique and, more broadly, to the practice of printing and publishing. Despite the widespread digital culture, we still believe that print matters, and the ability to work with paper is an important element of design education and design practice. In the screen printing lab students can learn the basics of screen printing and develop their knowledge and skills in areas such as project preparation for printing, working with color and paper. In addition to printing techniques, the screen printing studio also offers classes in the production of simple publications (zines and art books). We are eager to share knowledge and skills in: preparing publications for printing, types of publication binding, methods of preparing covers and inserts, imposition and others.

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