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Information about block subjects for supplementary master's degree full-time second degree program - computer science !!!

June 19

Renewal of ID cards for the period until October 31, 2024.
(1) Legitimacy cards will be renewed from March 16, 2024 during the working hours of the Dean's Office.
(2) Method of renewal- group or individual renewal, whereby:
(a) GROUP: without enrollment, group renewal will be possible - a person selected by the group who brings at least 10 ID cards with him/her, enters the Dean's Office without queue and without appointment, and receives the ID cards on the same day.
b) INDIVIDUAL: only by appointment (email or phone).

In addition, please be advised that from March 16 to April 14, in order to allow part-time students to renew their ID cards, Students' Office will be open on Sundays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

April 21

With the start of the summer semester 2023/24, full-time 4th semester students will receive email information about the organization of PE classes.
Registration for P.E. classes will take place electronically through the website from March 1- 21.
The schedule of classes and locations of establishments will be published on in announcements at the beginning of the semester.

April 30

Ordinances on the principle of promotion and declaration of subjects for the next semester can be found in the BIP

October 31


Opening hours

On Saturday, May 11, Students' Office will be open from 9:30-11:30 am.

  • Monday 8.00-15.00
  • Tuesday 8.00-15.00
  • Wednesday 8.00-15.00
  • Thursday 12.00-18.00
  • Friday 8.00-15.00
  • Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


86 Koszykowa St.
02-008 Warsaw

Rooms 19 and 20
tel. (+48) 22 58 44 540 (available during Student's office working hours)
tel. (+48) 22 58 44 580 (available during Student's office working hours)

PJAIT Student's Office

Student services are primarily provided by phone and email.
A visit to the student's office is possible by appointment by e-mail or telephone, one day in advance.
When contacting, please use only university mail.

Please order student status certificates (for employer, visa, etc.) by email at least two days in advance, stating in the email for what purpose you need the documents and how you would like to receive them (scan or original). 

Please order fee certificates from the accounting office - you pick them up at the Student's office when you are informed that it is ready and by appointment a minimum of one day in advance. 

Regulations and orders

How can we help?

Students' Office deals with the handling of the course of study - with us you can order a certificate of study, find out how and when to apply, inquire about scholarships, P.E. credit, defenses, diplomas, ID cards, groups or repetition of subjects.

Legitimations (first and duplicate)

The first ID card is prepared without any request from the student. Each new student receives an e-mail at the beginning of the first semester with information on when and where he or she can pick up the ID card. A fee of PLN 22 is added to the tuition fee.

A dup licate is prepared only at the request of the student submitted through the application system. The waiting time for a duplicate is up to several weeks. Students are informed by e-mail about the method and date of collection. The cost of making a duplicate is 33 PLN and is added to the tuition fee.


We strongly urge you to order certificates at least a few days in advance.

Please order certificates by writing an email to the dean's office with information on what the certificate is needed for (for an employer, for a visa, for a bank, for Social Security/USR, etc.) and how it would be received. - different institutions require different forms) and how it would be received. We can send the certificates by e-mail (scan), the student can also pick them up in person at the Student's office by appointment.

Certificates for a visa or residence card for the next semester can be obtained only after obtaining registration for that semester.

You order payment certificates from accounting and pick them up at the Student's office. Once you have received information from the accounting department that the certificate is ready for pickup, please contact the dean's office to schedule an appointment.

Please note that semester billing is mandatory at our University - this means that it is not possible to issue a certificate of student status for more than a semester.


Applications are submitted only through the application system. Select the appropriate topic, and if none matches the request the student intends to write, select the "general" topic.

It is very important to remember to accept the answer given by the person processing the applications (most often it is the Dean of the respective department) - without this the application cannot be implemented.

If a student does not agree with the Dean's decision, the student can appeal the decision to His Magnificence the Rector. The appeal should be written in a word processor and then sent as an attachment by e-mail to the Student's Office ( A response will also be sent by e-mail.

In the case of resignation from studies, the application submitted through the application system is treated as a statement of intent and does not require approval, unless it also contains other requests, for example, for a refund of overpayments.

Refund of overpayment

If an overpayment has occurred in a student's tuition payment account, you can request a refund. To do this, submit an application through the application system requesting a refund of the overpayment and provide the number of the private bank account to which the refund is to be made.
It is necessary to accept the decision.

Refunds of overpayments are usually made after several days.

Tuition and other fees

Each student has an individual bank account number for deposits. It can be found in the Gakko portal, under the "Personal Information" tab.

The amount of fees - tuition, ITN, change of mode of study, cost of ID card, etc. - can be found in the contract.

It is not possible to pay fees by cash or card on site.

Document shipping

The university can send the diploma (copies and supplements) to a designated address in Poland and abroad. To do this, you need to fill out an application (downloadable below) and send it from the student's e-mail to the Student's office address. Similarly, a postgraduate certificate can be requested.

You can also request the mailing of certificates and other documents that can be prepared by Students' Office or accounting (application downloadable below).

We send documents only through the Polish Post. On the territory of Poland, shipping is free of charge, while shipping abroad is chargeable (payment information is included in the application).

Sending a diploma or certificate of postgraduate study

Shipping documents within the EU

Shipping documents to other countries

Account in the system - change, recovery of password

To change or recover your password, go to and there, after selecting the appropriate option, follow the instructions.
Password recovery is only possible using the private email address provided in the contract as an alternative for contact.

Detailed instructions can be found on the BSS website.

Psychological assistance

PJAIT has psychological assistance - details can be found here

Student Council

Study time is not just about learning. Mainly it's about gaining new experiences, having fun and making new friends! You are the ones who can build the PJAIT's community and prove yourselves as members of the local government. Join the active students! Elections are held every year.


The procedure applies to students in computer science, information management and Japanese culture. Students in the Faculty of New Media Art (both graphic design and interior design) have a separate procedure, which can be viewed at NeMA.

Step 1: Start the procedure

The following points should be done after the work is approved by the Supervisor.

To start the process, you need to:
1.print and bind the work - one copy for the whole group;
2. prepare CDs with the work (written part + possibly (if any) source codes and compiled version of the application). The written work must not be larger than 20 MB (a requirement of the ministerial anti-plagiarism system). On the discs should be written in marker: the topic of the work, the names and student numbers of all authors. The following should be recorded:
- one CD from each co-author of the thesis - for the dean's office,
- one additional CD - for the library;, print and sign the statement of independent writing of the thesis(link) - one copy from each author; the case of group authorship of the thesis, submit a general application to the Dean of the Faculty via with a request to be able to approach the thesis defense without the diploma exam (only students who are not likely to graduate, and wrote a group thesis).

At this stage, the thesis information entered by the Supervisor should exist in the GAKKO system( In this step, the student is required to provide additional information to the Supervisor, who, after verification, completes it in the GAKKO system:
1. the individual contribution of each author to the individual elements of the thesis (taking into account the individual chapters in the documentation of the thesis project);
2. area the completed scientific research (if applicable);
3. the name of the thesis Reviewer.

The student completes the following information on his/her own:
1. granting or not granting permission to post the thesis in the Thesis Repository;
2. declaration of the type of copies issued free of charge to the graduate. The university issues 3 sets of documents for the student free of charge (a set is a diploma and a supplement):
-original in Polish + 2 copies in Polish
-original in Polish + 1 copy in Polish + 1 copy in English (English copy ONLY after selecting the appropriate option from the list).

Step 2: Submit your work

A set of physical documents listed in Step 1 can be sent by mail or arranged for delivery to the dean's office or library (just arrange with one department, the documents will be forwarded accordingly):
1.The library will receive the bound paper and one CD to check the paper for plagiarism. The Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System guarantees verification of the thesis within a maximum of seven days from the date of entering the thesis into the system. The result of the verification from the "probability report" (factor No. 2) will be entered in the "Application for admission to the defense of the thesis", the so-called "circulator" (see Step 3);
2.Students' Office receives the remaining CDs and statements of independent writing of the thesis signed by the authors.

To formally complete Step 2, the Supervisor must accept the verification result from the JSA, entered into the GAKKO system by a library employee.

Completion of Step 2 is tantamount to the submission of the thesis by the deadline set by the Dean of the Faculty in the order on diploma examinations.

Step 3: Complete the circulation

A request for the creation of a circulator should be submitted to the Dean's Office/Secretariat - by email (preferred option) or by phone, only after all of the following requirements have been met together:
1.obtaining a discharge (completed curriculum - entered all grades in the system - and cleared internships, if required or obtaining a positive decision on the application for admission to the defense of the thesis itself (submitted in Step 1);
2.obtaining acceptance of the plagiarism result by the Promoter in the GAKKO system.

The graduation slip will be made available in the GAKKO system(link). It is in the student's interest to make sure that the circulator has been completed by:
-accounting (does not apply to non-degree students);
-Supervisor and Reviewer (entering the opinion of the Supervisor and Reviewer is equivalent to them "signing" the circulator);
-Students' Office (only after all other signatures have been obtained).

Obtaining a set of signatures formally completes the process of preparing for defense.

Step 4: Defense

On the day of the defense, no later than half an hour before the defense - during the dean's office hours:
-the chairman/member of the committee collects a set of documents from the dean's office for the examination committee;
-students go to the designated room and wait to be invited to the examination.

(The description of this step does not apply to remote defenses).

Step 5: Receipt of diploma and paperwork after defense

Information about the prepared diploma (and/or a copy in English) will appear on the student's profile, after logging into GAKKO under Students' Office/Course of study/Documents (available for graduates of the academic year 2016/2017 and later).

In order to obtain an additional copy (no more than 3 pieces) in English, it is necessary to submit to the application system within 30 days of the defense date:
-application - the translation of the thesis topic must be completed by the Supervisor at the stage of entering the thesis into the GAKKO system. If the topic is incorrect, an appendix signed by the Supervisor regarding the translation of the thesis topic must be added to the application);
- proof of payment of 40 PLN per set.

Due to the introduction of new diploma prints, diploma photos are not required from the 2020/2021 summer semester defenses.

How to receive the diploma?
- personal pickup; please note that you must make an appointment to pick up your diploma at the dean's office by email or phone. When picking up your diploma, please have your ID card ready for return or prepare another document to prove your identity;
-shipping by mail - at the student's request [application downloadable here];
-receipt by a third party; only with notarized authorization or authorization signed by the graduate on the spot in the dean's office, in the presence of a staff member.

Course of study

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may request adjustments to their course of study in accordance with the Rector's order. Such a request should be submitted through the application system with information about the expected adjustments and attaching a disability certificate. The decision is up to the Dean, in accordance with the technical capabilities of the University, the conditions for teaching and passing individual classes and the conduct of examinations.

Ordinance of the Rector on rules for studying students with disabilities

Change of groups

(1) Each student enrolled for the semester is guaranteed a place in the exercise, lecture and reading group. The University reserves the right to reduce the number of groups, which may result in changes in assignments to the aforementioned groups.

(2) Changing the group is possible only in the case of collision of classes (regular and ITN groups).

(3) A request for a group change (including a new group number) should be sent to the Student's Office email address ( The change will be possible only in case of vacancies in the requested group.

4 Any changes are possible until the end of the first week of classes.

(5) In exceptional situations, a change of group may take place during the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the consent of the new instructor and to provide him with any results (points obtained) and attendance obtained in the previous group. (6) Enrollment in language groups is handled exclusively by Foreign Language Department (, and requests for possible enrollment or change of language group should be addressed there.

Change of mode and direction of study

Once during the course of study, students have the right to change the mode or course of study. To do this, you need to apply for a change (in the break between semesters or before the next academic year). After receiving such an application in the Student's office, a simulation is made, i.e. a comparison of the student's previously completed program of study and the program completed in the new course/mode. From the program difference, it may be necessary to count the missing subjects as paid ITNs. If the student agrees to the proposed conditions, he/she will receive a scan of the contract addendum by e-mail. The addendum should be printed, signed, scanned and sent back as a single pdf file, of good quality, without artifacts and additional background. 

A change of mode and direction involves a one-time fee.  

Application system

Tuition reduction

During the course of their studies, students have the opportunity to receive various types of tuition reductions.

1.Reduction for the highest average - is granted automatically (for the semester), that is, you do not need to apply for it. At the beginning of the semester, after the end of the examination session and the issuance of all grades, the system generates a list of students who have obtained the highest average in the previous semester (in practice, it is usually an average of 5.0) and have no missing subjects. Each of the students who obtained a reduction is informed about it by e-mail. Until the information about the reduction is received, full tuition fees must be paid.

2.Reduction for a studying sibling or married couple - is granted for a semester only upon application by each sibling or married couple and only if the students pay full tuition. Conversion of one of the persons to ITN-only mode or taking a leave of absence prevents application for reduction or results in its loss.

3.Reduction due to payment of full tuition for the year or semester - is granted only if the payment is on time (payment dates, tuition and reduction amounts are in the contract). The student reduces the tuition accordingly and pays the already reduced amount.

4.Reduction for studying more than one course at the same time - is granted only after applying for such a reduction and only for a semester. After the end of the semester, the application must be submitted again.

5.Reduction for Matura exam results - is granted during the recruitment process by Admission Office, only for the first semester and is not repeatable. This means that if a student repeats the first semester, the discount will no longer apply.

Fee regulations - chapter IV on tuition reduction

Evaluation transfer

Grades previously obtained at PJAIT (e.g., in another mode of study) transfer automatically, as long as it is a subject with the same name and the grade is not older than five years.

To transfer grades from another university, download the transfer sheet (below), contact the instructor of the course and present the syllabus of the course and the original grade list from the previous university (this cannot be a scan or photocopy). After consulting with the instructor, completing the sheet and having it signed by the instructor, the set of original documents (transfer sheet and grade list) should be delivered to the Student's Office, where it is forwarded to the Dean for approval. If the Dean also approves, the grade is entered into the system. For grades older than five years, the instructor does not transfer - the decision rests solely with the Dean of the Faculty.

Transfer sheet

After the last semester

In the case of all passed subjects and internships, as well as written and handed in the thesis, students proceed to the defense(procedure below).

If there are any unscored subjects left after the last semester, it is necessary to apply for ITNs for all unscored subjects in order to continue your studies.

If the thesis has not been completed, submit an application from PRO or SEM attaching information from the Supervisor about the status of the thesis.

If all the subjects are passed, the thesis is written, and the student has not taken the defense, he is struck from the list of students. Within two years of the deletion, he can take the defense after applying for entry for the defense and paying the appropriate fee - there are so-called consultations without student rights, after which the defense can only take place in March or October.

Return to studies after removal from the list of students

To return to your studies after being dropped from the student list, you do not need to go through the enrollment process again. Please follow the following procedure:
1.Check if it is possible to log in to gakko. If this is not possible, please change your password via In order to use this option, it is necessary to have an active private email address, which was previously provided for contact between PJAIT and the student. If this address is inactive, it must be changed in person at the Dean's Office.
2.Submit an application (through the application system) for re-enrollment. In response, the Dean of the Faculty, if he agrees, also determines the conditions of return (for which semester, what subjects to take, applicable fees, etc.).
3.The contract is sent to the email address, it should be printed, signed and sent back also by email.
4.After completion of all formalities and payment of fees, if necessary, it is possible to re-enroll as a student.

Diploma exam after removal from the list of students for failure to defend it

If a student has passed all the subjects required by the program (credits, exams and, if in the program, internships) and has not taken the diploma exam, he or she is struck from the list of students.
From being struck off the list of students for failure to defend, there are two years to take the diploma exam. During this period, in September or February, you must submit an application requesting to be enrolled as a student for defense. If the Dean approves, a one-time fee of PLN 1,500 must be paid. After the payment is made, the student is enrolled for one month (March or October) and must take the diploma exam within that month (according to the graduation procedure above). After this time, if the student fails to defend himself, he will be struck from the list again.  


Students' Office deals exclusively with the approval of practice reports cleared in the system . The reports are approved by Prof. Szklanny.

All information regarding internships, forms (sample reports, referrals) and regulations, which include the number of required internship hours, can be found on the website of the Academic Career Office PJAIT. For questions regarding internships, please email

We would like to remind you that these are student internships, so they should be completed during your studies.


With the beginning of the semester, full-time students who are required to implement physical education classes will receive email information about the organization of PE classes.

Registration for P.E. classes is done electronically through
website by the deadline. First-choice and - optionally - second-choice classes must be marked. In the event that a student is required to pursue P.E. classes and does not complete the questionnaire, he/she will be required to pursue classes on his/her own.
The schedule of classes and locations of facilities will be published on in announcements at the beginning of the semester.

In the case of implementation of P.E. on your own, you must send a scan of the completed certificate with the seal of the center where the classes were implemented (print to download below) by the deadline.

Students who are unable to attend classes due to a medical condition are required to provide the Student's office with a semester medical release (by the end of March if it is for classes in the summer semester). Short-term medical exemptions are accepted up to seven days from the date of issue.

A failing grade is given to students who have not provided a medical exemption, a certificate of independent P.E. by the due date, or have not completed the necessary number of hours.

Certificate (Statement)

P.E. Regulations

Regulations of PE ang

Elective subjects

Before the semester in which students pursue elective subjects, everyone receives a questionnaire with a proposal for such subjects (usually at the end of the preceding semester).

In case of failure to complete this questionnaire (lateness, technical reasons), students submit an application requesting assignment of the elective subjects indicated by them through the application system. Cancellation of an elective course can be done only at the beginning of the semester (through the application system). At a later date, the cancellation will not be accepted, and subject will be treated as obligatory.

ITN - repetition of failed subjects

ITN - Individual Mode of Study - means repeating a subject. As a rule, you should repeat an ungraded subject in the mode in which you study. Subjects in full-time and part-time studies are repeated every year, so an unscored subject from the winter semester can be repeated only in the following winter semester, and from the summer semester - in the summer semester. In exceptional cases (this applies only to computer science students), it is possible to repeat subjects online, but they can be a maximum of half of the ITNs taken in a given semester. Not all subjects can be repeated online.

Important! Items implemented in online mode are visible only on the EDUX platform.

Every semester, students in all faculties receive an order from the Dean on the deadline for ITN applications. In the case of computer science students, students also receive a list of subjects that they can choose to repeat online, as long as they are unavailable for full-time or part-time study.

Important! If you apply for an ITN from PRO or SEM after your last semester, it is necessary to include information on the status of the thesis with the application - this is a document that should be completed by the supervisor (download below). The information should be current (from the current semester).

Information on the status of the work - attachment to the application for PRO_SEM

Repeating subjects can be done in two ways - either independently of the usual course of study (e.g., a student continues his studies in the fifth semester, and at the same time repeats the subjects of the third and fourth semesters) or as "semester only ITN", i.e., the implementation of only the subjects not previously passed. "ITN-only semester" is impossible to implement in the first year of study.

After the "ITN-only semester," an application must be submitted as to the further course of study.

Cancellation of ITN can take place within three weeks of the start of the semester. After this time subject will be treated as not passed and the student will be charged the full fee for subject. ITN cancellation does not apply to subjects designated by the Dean.  

Application system

Repeating the first year

Repeating the first year with the rewriting of grades in passed subjects is possible only once, another repetition of the first year involves repeating all subjects and a new contract.

Order of the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics concerning the repetition of the first year

Application system

Dean's leave

A maximum of two semesters of dean's leave can be taken during the course of study. This applies to students after their first year and before their last semester of study - students who are in their first year and after their last semester of study cannot apply for a dean's leave.
You can also apply for a medical leave of absence (at any time during your studies).
During the leave, the student retains his or her student rights (including the right to use a current student ID card) and does not pay any fees. As a rule, no subjects can be pursued during this time.

To apply for leave, you must apply through the application system and specify the duration of the leave. In the case of medical leave, a certificate from a doctor must be attached to the application.

At the end of the leave of absence, it is necessary to submit another application requesting enrollment.

Application system

Promotion for the next semester

At the end of the semester, students receive an order from the Dean of the faculty with conditions for promotion to the next semester. If the student meets these conditions, he is promoted automatically, without having to request it. If he does not meet - he is not promoted. If he or she does not pass the first semester, he or she can apply for conditional entry for the next semester, and if he or she does not get approval - he or she is struck from the list of students or resigns and can return to study from the new academic year.

Promotion (entry for the next semester) can be checked in the Gakko system (course of study -> entry history).

Declarations for the next semester

After the end of the semester, there is usually a deadline for declaring for the next semester, which in practice means applying within the designated period. After the deadline, applications can still be submitted, but students may be charged an additional fee for each subject ITN (the amount is stated in the contract). 

Those students who have been promoted and do not plan to repeat any subjects do not apply. Instead, it is necessary if a student would like to repeat ungraded subjects in the upcoming semester, return after a leave of absence, or is only ITN after a semester.


The university awards three types of scholarships: rector's scholarship, social scholarship and scholarship for people with disabilities. Each of these requires an application through the scholarship system.

Below you will find more information about the scholarship you are interested in


The insurance protects students in the event of an accident, guarantees reimbursement of medical expenses and payment of benefits for each day of hospitalization as a result of an accidental accident, takes into account serious illnesses and provides 24-hour protection. Liability insurance provides protection for damages during participation in teaching activities, as well as in private life.

Here's more information on insurance

Do you have questions? Not sure how to get started? Get in touch with us!

Contact the Student's office to get answers to all your questions.