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We are here for you

We can help you:

  • understand themselves and the difficulties experienced, their own and others' behavior and needs;
  • Name the feelings and needs that are important to you;
  • learn techniques for distancing, relaxation and developing emotional resilience;
  • Build more satisfying relationships with others;
  • Develop techniques for dealing with stress and emotional crisis;
  • find a way to communicate effectively;
  • regain motivation, focus and the will to act;
  • to develop based on the conscious use of their own natural personality resources.

Crisis intervention

We also want to offer you a "walk-in" service, which is a quick contact with a psychologist. This is a short consultation for people in crisis, available without enrollment.

Supporting materials

Below you will find support materials from PJAIT Psychological Support. We hope you find them useful in taking care of your mental well-being!

Put procrastination on hold

An article on procrastination, always timely, especially during the exam session.

The Importance of Knowing Your Learning Style

The presentation The Importance of Knowing Your Learning Style will help you discover your own learning style and support you in choosing the right learning strategy. You will learn from it how your learning style can serve you in your studies and at work.

How to take care of your mental health during the holiday break?

The summer break is the perfect time to finally rest after a hard semester. Those who are waiting for revision exams should also take a break, as resting will enable them to continue learning effectively.


We would like to inform you that free psychological support is available at our University. All consultations and advice are provided by experienced psychologists, providing professional and comprehensive assistance, discretion, kindness, calm atmosphere and full commitment.

If you are experiencing difficulties due to increased levels of stress, anxiety, tension, have problems expressing or controlling emotions, difficulties in relationships with other people, are looking for support in crisis situations, or simply want to develop and strengthen your self-esteem - you are cordially invited.

Ms. Sonia Ziemba-Domanska and Ms. Paulina Gawlinska are at your disposal from 9:00 am to 4: 00 pm (the last consultation at 3:00 pm) after signing up in advance for the selected appointment.
Consultations are held through the online platform, in person at the University or by telephone consultation.

Feel free to contact us!

Do you want to actively participate in the life of the University?

Contact the Promotion Department and we will help you find something for you!