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Faculty of Information Management PJAIT offers tuition for second-cycle studies - complementary master's degrees, both to those who have completed engineering studies at PJAIT (at the Faculties of Computer Science and Information Management), and to graduates of first- and second-cycle studies at other universities, especially those majoring in computer science or related fields. Graduates of other, less "IT" majors are invited to supplement the necessary knowledge and skills in the use of information technology in management - if the shortcomings are few, during additional classes during the second-degree studies, or, if there are more shortcomings to make up, during the so-called "0" semester or year.

Full-time studies last 3 semesters and are carried out in the afternoons and evenings to allow study to be combined with work;

Students gain specialized knowledge in IT and management, especially "at the interface": department/IT team - business client. Emphasis is placed on developing skills regarding efficient management of IT systems, agile project management, fast and effective analysis of large data sets, and good communication, both within the project team and with business stakeholders.

The study program includes, among others, topics in programming (Python from scratch, optional R), software design, testing, requirements engineering, database infrastructure planning and implementation, development, integration, testing and maintenance of distributed IT systems, as well as Big Data tools and Cloud Computing solutions used in business environments. In addition to courses in typically "hard" subjects, there will also be classes to develop "soft" knowledge and skills such as agile IT project management (within the Scrum and Agile PM methodological frameworks), negotiation, change and conflict management, or public speaking. Students will also be introduced to the basics of creating IT start-ups, including the types of funding sources available or creating a business plan.

The curriculum is aligned with the uniform European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) of credits earned by students at different universities. Each semester, students have a pool of compulsory subjects, elective lectures and specialty subjects to complete. The topics of master's theses are adapted to the student's interests.

Rules of the Diploma Examination at the WZI.

The general requirements to be met by the thesis and the rules for the diploma exam at PJATK are available on the library's website.