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Join us for another free event on cyber security online. This time Michal Wnękowicz of Sekurak will present topics related to children's online safety. There will also be a mass of current tidbits of useful information for parents, and the whole thing is conducted as part of BGK's Cyber Academy.

Deadline: 02.06.2023, 19:00-21:00, online. A recording will also be available.

Training Agenda:

  • Detecting online threats: learn to recognize them and avoid phishing attempts for money and data.
  • Password management at work and at home: learn how to create passwords, how to respond to data leaks, and what to do so that passwords don't get "lost" from now on;
  • Secure online shopping and gameplay: enjoy the convenience of shopping and the excitement of online gaming without compromising your personal or financial information.
  • Social media proficiency: immerse yourself in the colorful world of social media and enjoy a secure online profile;
  • Support for parents: learn about parental control tools and how to keep your children safe online. Develop skills to effectively monitor and manage your children's online activity;
  • Digital balance: learn strategies for managing time spent in front of a screen. Understand the problem of cyberbullying and teach your children to be respectful and responsible Internet users. 

See you there! - BGK & Securitum Cyber Academy Team

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