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In less than a week, the 13th edition of Warsaw Gallery Weekend will take place! This is the perfect cultural activity for all art enthusiasts and not only! 

From September 28th to October 1st, during the four-day review of contemporary art, among 43 exhibitions organized by 37 galleries ,we will also find the exhibition "Trail" by our lecturer of the Faculty of New Media Art, dr hab. Anna Klimczak, prof. of PJAIT.

The exhibition is curated by Michał Suchora. 

You will be able to see it from Thursday, September 28th until October 20th at the Bacalarte Gallery at 11-13 Litewska Street, local 202.

"The installation (titled "A Trail") is a walk through the gallery. It resembles a path in a nature reserve or a place with strict rules of movement. The inner corridor was built using black transparent fabric stretched over modular frames. This creates a tunnel structure that narrows in some areas and widens in others, offering vantage points. As viewers walk through the installation, they can observe each other. The project is inspired by a series of works by Anna Klimczak called Aviary. The original idea of a bird cage has been transformed into a means of communication isolating people from the gallery's architecture and disrupting its proportions. In the space there are monitors that are points of light that allow visitors to explore."

During Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023, artists will, as every year, take on what is currently important in the world. Among the topics explored by the artists are dominated by themes related to the body and identity, technology and the development of artificial intelligence, the state of our planet in the face of the climate crisis, as well as memory and the relationship to historical narratives. There will also be no shortage of references to the current socio-political situation and provocative comments on the present day.

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