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Recruitment for the winter semester of the 2024/2025 academic year will begin on May 6, 2024.

Bachelor's degree, full-time, Polish-language studies

Admissions are based on the presentation of a "portfolio" of artwork and an interview

1. Online registration

Create an account on the recruitment portal:

You will receive an activation link, and after activating your account you will get access to your profile. Fill out the forms and obligatorily upload your photo (format: ID photo / passport photo). Be sure to select field of study, for which you are applying.

2. Provision of documents

Prepare the required documents, save them in.pdf format, upload the relevant files to the recruitment system or immediately deliver the originals to the PJAIT Admission Office. You can also send them by mail (registered mail) or courier.

Required Documents:

  1. Application for admission to the university - the completed form can be downloaded from your profile in the recruitment system ( after uploading a digital photo of ID format), or obtained directly from the Recruitment Department. Candidates who do not upload a photo according to the guidelines will not be able to download the application from the portal. Remember to sign the application!
  2. matriculation certificate - the candidate presents the original, a copy or a photocopy certified by a notary public. If the candidate took an exam other than the Polish baccalaureate, he/she is also required to provide a translation of the aforementioned exam, apostille (or legalization) and its nostrification (if required)*.
  3. proof of payment for the interview (PLN 150). Payment to individual account number - visible on your recruitment profile

NOTE: Foreigners who wish to study at a Polish-language college must know Polish at a communicative level. An interview verifies language skills.

*Nostrification of certificates is carried out at the Board of Education. Persons who have diplomas issued by EU, OECD, EFTA countries and countries with which Poland has concluded agreements on mutual recognition of education are exempt from the nostrification procedure.

Apostille/Legalization does not apply to citizens of the European Union, EFTA, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Ukraine, USA and UK.

3. Studies qualification

Admissions are based on the presentation of a "portfolio" of artwork and an interview

Interviews full-time are held at the University's campus.

Online interviews are only for Foreigners who are not in Poland.

In order to sign up for an interview, the candidate is required to select the appropriate date in the enrolment portal and pay for the interview in the amount of  150 PLN.

The candidate must sign up for an interview (through the enrolment portal).

An introductory interview with the scope:

  • painting
  • architecture
  • theater
  • video
  • exhibit
  • museums

PORTFOLIO the candidate brings with him/her on the day of the interview. The portfolio of works consists of:

  1. drawing of the human figure from nature - minimum format 50×70 and 70×50, minimum 5 pieces of drawings
  2. Still life - format minimum 50×70 and 70×50, minimum 5 pieces of drawings
  3. other forms of drawings (any number of works).
  1. Landscape - painting work done by any technique on paper or cardboard (minimum format 50×70 and 70×50; minimum 5 painting works)
  2. Still life - painting work done by any technique on paper or cardboard (minimum format 50×70 and 70×50; minimum 5 painting works)
  3. other painting forms (any number of works)
  1. color or black and white - can be presented portrait photography, landscape, any composition, reportage. Photography can be provided in the form of prints (a minimum of10 pieces in A5 format or larger) or presented on a laptop / tablet in digital form.

Drawing, painting - preferred format: 100×70 cm or 70×100 cm; minimum format: 50×70 cm and 70×50 cm.

Interview dates for full-time Polish-language studies in the academic year 2023/2024

Interviews full-time are held at the Academy:

  • June 27
  • July 7
  • July 18
  • August 22
  • September 12
  • September 26

Note: the portfolio with works candidates bring directly to the interview.

Online conversations for foreigners residing outside Poland:

  • June 15
  • August 1

The portfolio should not exceed 25MB, a minimum of 100DPI and be in one PDF file. A detailed description of the works (format, technique of execution, title and date of creation) should be added. The PDF file with the portfolio must be sent at least 3 working days before the interview date to

The online interview will take place on the Google Meet platform - an email Gmail account is required. Knowledge of the Polish language will be verified during the interview.

The results of the interviews will be sent to your email within 1 business day after the interview.

We would like to remind you that the decision on qualification for studies is made only after meeting all formal requirements, i.e.: completing online registration, providing a set of required documents and successfully passing the interview.

Once all the conditions described above have been met, the university has two weeks to send a university qualification decision.

The university conducts free consultations of "portfolios" with artwork.

4. Contract

A contract is a type of agreement that defines PJAIT 's obligations to you and yours to PJAIT.

The contract is sent to the email along with the admission decision. Once signed, it can be emailed to: or delivered in duplicate in person or by mail/courier to the recruitment department.

Candidates qualified for the study are required to sign a contract with the University within 2 weeks and pay the first installment of tuition fees.

Candidates from abroad who will need a certificate of commencement of studies in order to obtain/renew a visa, residence card are required to pay tuition fees for a minimum of one semester in advance.

If your studies are paid for by your employer, for example, you can sign a contract with a University-Sponsor-Student annex. At the time of signing the contract, please make this request.

In exceptional situations, payments can be made to the university's general account:

Bank Millennium S.A.
Ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A
02-593 Warsaw

Domestic transfers:
account number: 41 1160 2202 0000 0003 5249 4962

Foreign transfers:
account number: PL41 1160 2202 0000 0003 5249 4962

Note: candidates signing a contract a week before the end of the recruitment period PJAIT does not guarantee the issuance of an ID card and the activation of an account on the University's server before the start of classes.

5. Certificate of admission

In order to obtain a "Certificate of enrollment of a foreigner" (a document necessary to legalize residence in Poland), it is necessary to pay tuition fees for a minimum of one semester. The certificate at the request of the candidate is sent to the e-mail in the form of a scan. Candidates who need an original certificate must send the request to with the full postal address indicated.

Zero NMA Course (Polish language course)

Course Zero is a special program aimed at people who want to apply to Faculty of New Media Art and in the future develop their passions and opportunities at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology.

The program is designed to prepare candidates for entrance exams and familiarize them with the educational process undertaken in the first year of study. The course includes two semesters of classes (420 academic hours), during which future students will create their digital and traditional portfolios under the guidance of staff from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology. Our experienced instructors will also prepare future candidates for interviews.

The course includes 420 class hours (2 semesters)
Cost of the course: 10000 PLN

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