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General information

Employees PJAIT have the opportunity to carry out part of their work abroad: at partner institutions, as well as opportunities for professional development through specialized training and international research projects. Teaching and administrative staff can apply for grant support for teaching and training trips under the Erasmus+ program.

Recruitment for the employee program is continuous, decided once a year by a selection committee.

Recruitment annually applies to the upcoming academic year.

Mobility details


Stages of mobility implementation:

  1. Submit a general mobility plan via the recruitment form PJAIT.
  2. Results of internal recruitment - announced by email.
  3. Establish and approve a mobility plan with the target institution.
  4. Signing of teaching/training agreement Erasmus+.
  5. Signing a grant agreement (staff - PJAIT).
  6. Mobility Implementation.
  7. Report and publication of results.

Documents and contact

The detailed procedure and admission rules are specified in the document: admission rules employees.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of International Cooperation.

Recruitment form for staff PJAIT
admission rules employees for Erasmus+ trips
PJAIT Mobility Report
Mobility Agreement for Teaching/Training - blank