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Pixel Heaven 2023 Games and Pop Culture Festival

Already on May 26-28, meet our students - passionate and game developers, who, together with Benjamin Hanussky and his PJAIT Game Lab, will be there with their booth.

The Pixel Heaven International Festival of Games and Pop Culture is Poland's largest and one of Europe's largest annual events dedicated to the gamedev industry, which includes unique events on two stages, the Pixel Expo exhibition and the Pixel Awards Europe competition. It's also a unique environment where gamers and people who remember the times of the first 8/16 bit computers, lovers of comic books, board games and retro atmosphere of the 80s and 90s find themselves perfectly at home.

Each edition features excellent guests and attractions that cannot be experienced at any other event in Poland. This is the 11th edition of the event!

Buy a ticket, take a look at the event program and be there with us!

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