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In December 2022, the Rector of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology Dr. Jerzy Paweł Nowacki signed a cooperation agreement with one of the oldest technology companies in Poland - Wirtualna Polska. Since then, we have been growing and expanding our horizons together.

March 3, 2023 saw the inauguration of the WP x Programming Academy PJAIT, during which WP's Board of Directors, consisting of: Marta Dolecka - HR Director, WP Media Management Team, Pawel Milewski - VP Post and 1Login from WP, WP Media Management Team, Mateusz Melon - Director of Business and Product Development Pilot WP, Pawel Krupinski - Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Wirtualna Polska Holding and Aleksandra Rabenda - IT Director, Project Management WP Media together with the Authorities of the University met the recruited group of students.


The beginning of March is the month when students return from winter holidays, and PJAIT we enter the next level of cooperation with our flagship partner - Wirtualna Polska! WP's openness, willingness to be among students, learning about university structures and joint dialogue allows us to open up to new opportunities.

March 6 and 7, 2023 are quite an event at our University! It is on these days that our students begin WP Programming Academy classes.

Forty people were selected for the WP Programming Academy from nearly 200 applications. This is a course specially designed for our students. It includes 50 hours of classes with a professional IT design team from WP.

The outcome of the course will be the joint development of a client-server application (in GO language) that will allow interaction between all course participants.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the semester, and the final GOLANG passing grade will appear on the diploma supplement PJAIT.

Participation in the WP Programming Academy is a chance to start a career with a very good Polish technology company.

The classes will last until the end of the semester!

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