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On Saturday night (May 18, 2024), the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology opened its doors not only to students, but also to visitors! Once again, we became part of Warsaw' s Night of Museums! We are pleased with the huge turnout at this year's event. 

Of particular interest, of course, were the Japanese booths, headed by our Japanese Fairies. The fairies, dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos, offered guests fortune telling and stories that put everyone in the mood for Far Eastern magic.

The concert by the exceptional artist, who came to us directly from Japan, attracted crowds of spectators. Hisako Tachibana presented a wide repertoire playing traditional instruments such as the shamisen and the koto harp. It was not only a musical, but also a visual spectacle, thanks to a multimedia setting designed by a student of the Faculty of New Media Arts PJAIT.

Visitors also had the opportunity to take part in screen-printing workshops, taste Asian sweets, or have their photo taken at one of the Japanese photo spots. Everyone could find something for themselves, regardless of age and interests. The event could not have taken place without the involvement of our students, faculty and staff PJAIT. It is thanks to them that this year's Museum Night was well prepared, full of attractions and positive impressions.

We would like to thank all visitors very much for their participation! We look forward to the next edition and new, equally fascinating attractions!

For those who would like to see more and learn more about the attractions that were available during this special night, please visit PJAIT and the Facebook event page.

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