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The Infotester4Education project is recruiting students for the Disinformation Detection Team.

We believe in a world where truth matters. That's why our goal is to create an information vaccine against online disinformation. We offer an exclusive online course on building a disinformation-resistant society. In it, we will use artificial intelligence to provide feedback after training AI to detect disinformation. To train AI, we need to create a training set of online articles annotated as disinformation or credible articles. This is the goal of the Disinformation Detection Team.


  • Take part in a training course led by experts (June 4-5, 2024, online)
  • Receive a certificate documenting your qualifications in debunking false
  • Collaborate with experts across Europe to search for disinformation
  • Be included in team reports
  • Take part in a winter school in Cyprus
  • Earn extra money

Acceptance of applications: until May 27, 2024.

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