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Questions about bachelor's degree program

General questions

1. What subjects must be passed on marticulation exam for me to get into PJAIT?

In the computer science and information management in the full-time mode, passing Matura exam in mathematics is required, for the Faculty of Japanese Culture, those who have passed a modern foreign language are admitted.

When it comes to the graphic design and interior design, applicants simply need to have a high school diploma – while admission is determined by the grade on the art portfolio and the interview.

2. Do I have to take an extended level in mathematics on my marticulation exam if I want to get admitted in Computer Science?

Mathematics can be passed at the basic level, it does not have to be at the extended level.

3. Is it possible to transfer from part-time (extramural or Internet based) to full-time (daytime) or vice versa?

The conditions for transferring are: the approval of the Dean, free space in the groups and the possible need to make up curriculum differences, resulting from the program. You can transfer only after the end of the semester.

4. Does the portfolio have to contain 30 works?

Yes, there must be 30 works. To evaluate the candidate's workshop properly, the portfolio must be prepared according to the guidelines, which are available on the site in the admission rules

5. What questions are asked during a graphic design interview?

The interview for the graphic design is generally about the scope of culture and art, interests related to art, knowledge of film, theater, museums, exhibitions, etc.

Questions about master's degree program

6. What to expect and what is the interview for master's degree at field of study information management?

The interview consists of an analysis of the knowledge gained during the course of the first degree (possibly outside of the degree) - especially with regard to IT skills. It is not an exam. If deficiencies are found, the candidate may be suggested by the admissions committee to complete the semester/zero year. 

7. Do I have a chance to start a master's degree in computer science if I did not finish bachelor's degree in this field?

Yes, there is such a possibility. The prerequisite is a minimum of a bachelor's degree. If someone graduated from a field of study other than computer science (or related fields), he or she should include in the application documents information on his or her knowledge of computer science, such as a resume with emphasis on computer skills, certificates, certificates from work, etc.

8. How can the documents be delivered?

Scans of documents are uploaded to the recruitment portal. At the end of the recruitment process, you need to present the originals (high school diploma and diploma of graduation with a supplement). The originals can be delivered in person, sent by mail or courier.

9. What is the difference between a scan of a document and its original?

A scan of the original is an electronic version of the original document. The original is the physical document in the possession of a university applicant, such as the high school diploma he or she received after passing the high school diploma or the diploma with a supplement after graduation. For the purpose of initial recruitment, uploading a scan of the certificate/diploma to the recruitment system is sufficient. 

On the other hand, at the end of the recruitment process, it is necessary to present the original of this document or an original copy or a duplicate or a copy certified by a notary public.

10. Does PJAIT keep original documents (school leaving diploma, university diploma)?

No. According to the "Law - Law on Higher Education and Science", universities must have a certified copy. A university employee must certify.

11. Can someone bring the required documents for me (such as my mother)?

Yes. Documents such as high school diploma, diploma can be brought by someone else. An employee of the Admission Office will make a photocopy, certify it as a true copy, and immediately give back the original. Other documents, such as an application, proof of payment, contract, just upload to the portal or send by email. 

12. Is it possible to come and talk about studies and enrolment?

Yes, Admission Office is open to candidates during business hours. Information can also be obtained by phone or email.

13 Does the University require medical certificates?

We do not require medical certificates.

14. Is it possible to choose more than one field of study in registration?

You can recruit for one field of study, but later during the recruitment process you can change it.

15. Can I pay for the interview in cash on the day of the interview?

No. At PJAIT, you can pay by wire transfer to your individual account number or by card at the Admission Office

16 What account do I need to make a transfer to?

Each candidate has an individual account number on the online registration profile.

17. Does the first instalment have to be paid before the contract is signed?

Yes, the first installment must be paid before signing the contract.

18. What is a contract and how can it be signed?

A contract is a contract between the University and the student. It contains both the rights and obligations of the student to the university and vice versa.

Among other things, the contract specifies the tuition fees for each year, the rules for the disposition of copyrights on the part of the student and PJAIT, additional fees, the rules for cancellation of studies, etc.

The candidate receives the contract at the email address provided in the recruitment, signs it and sends back a scan.

19. Can a parent sign a contract for a student?

A parent cannot sign a contract for a student, even when the student is a minor. 

In the case of a minor candidate, there is a specific paragraph that the parent or guardian must sign, but the rest of the contract is signed by the student.

20. What are the discounts for the family?

Application for the discount is submitted to the dean's office by family members who have student status. The discount is 25% of the tuition reduction for each student and granted for the period of joint study. If either party, for example, interrupts their studies, the other person loses the discount.

21. How can you drop out of college?

A candidate can withdraw from the study at any time. This must be done through the student application system. 

22. How much are tuition fees for foreigners?

Tuition fees for studies are the same for everyone, regardless of whether the candidate is from Poland or abroad.

23. I was delisted, can I submit documents again?

Those who are removed from the list of students do not re-enter the enrollment process only apply to the dean's office to resume their studies.

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