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Contest "Design the future PJAIT in The Sims 4″

The competition "Design the future of PJAIT in The Sims 4" has come to an end! We received 14 exceptional works, depicting what a new building on the main campus of PJAIT dedicated to the exploration of artificial intelligence could look like. It was difficult to choose the best of them, but only three people could stand on the podium, whose works best reflected the main theme and made the best reference to the traditions and history of the University.

However, we have a surprise for all participants! We were very impressed by your buildings, so we decided to reward each and every one of you with a small gift. Check your emails, in the next few days you will get a message there, where and when you can collect your prizes.

Here are the winners:

Jump King competition

On January 18 and 19, 2024, the Jump King arcade game competition was held at the Kyu6u Gallery.

All eager students could try their hand at it, and their task was to reach as high as possible, which required a lot of poise and sometimes risk-taking.

The competition was very popular, and the fight for first place went on until the last player! Below are the levels that the winners of the first three places managed to reach.

Soon we invite you to the next gaming events organized by NINJA PJAIT. We will inform about them by email.

Here are the winners:

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