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CONNECTIONS is an exhibition summarizing the international research project Welcoming Spaces, whose main goal was to visualize migration and development of 5 cities in Europe:
Camini, Italy
Altenburg, Germany
Talayuela, Spain
Łomża, Poland
Bedum, Netherlands

The project attempts to address the struggles of shrinking cities and their potential transformation into attractive and more open places for migrants. The research was conducted in 2022 in the form of a workshop in which residents of selected locations, through photography, documented places associated as friendly
and unfriendly. The project used the visual research method photovoice, in which participants were tasked with photographing such places and then discussing them in order to raise awareness of problems the city may be facing. This method allowed the local community to immortalize such places and reflect on their possible improvement in the future. In addition, each person drew a mental map of the city using 5 colors associated with emotions, which helped justify the selection of photos.

Our academy participated as a partner in the project during the Lomza edition of the workshop, technically assisting the research group from the SGH. Joel Hauck, along with a group of students from the New Media Arts department, helped organize the cameras and provide training in the basics of photography for the residents participating in the project. The students also assisted in translating the statements of the non-Polish-speaking participants.

Exhibition at PJAIT: 20.03-14.04.2023

Exhibition design:
Joel Hauck

Exhibition printing:

Project Coordination:
Melissa Moralli
Bianca Szytniewski

Project partners:
Utrecht University, University of Bologna, University of A Coruña, University of Siegen, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University and Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. 

Joel Hauck
Kamila Różanska
Viktoriia Kaminska
Ivan Tsimchyshyn
Dzmitry Pisarchyk

Marta Pachocka
Joanna Poplawska
Dominik Wach

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