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You are cordially invited to visit an exhibition of works by PJAIT lecturer Prof. Tomasz Myjak. The works are presented in the Museum of Folk Architecture in Olsztynek at 1 Zamkowa Street.

The opening of the exhibition "Alpha and Omega / The Beginning and the End" will be held on May 26 at 18:00.

The best about what can be seen at the exhibition is told by the author of the works himself:
"The exhibition in the Exhibition Room of the Museum of Folk Architecture in Olsztynek includes works from 2014-2022. Many of them were created in part or in whole in the vicinity of Mrągowo. This is not without significance - Warmia and Masuria is an area very close to me... full of memories.
My paintings are a story of delight. Their essence is to convey those moments that take your breath away... of course, not directly - this can not be done....

or one can, but in an unapproachable, kitschy or pathetic way... or both... God forbid.
This experience of nature, of the World, of beauty... is a sense of enormity and a premonition of my fragility, mortality and imperfection... which can be shortened to "A sense of beauty awakens humility."
The response in the form of a painting is an attempt to reckon with this state, it is an attempt to find a dialogue with myself and with that Something greater than myself. It is a form of non-verbal prayer... but not directed to a specific god..." - Prof. Tomasz Myjak

At PJAIT , Professor Tomasz Myjak teaches painting, photography and fine art of the film image at the Department of New Media Art.

The exhibition can be viewed until September 30 during museum hours.

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