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In May of this year, at the ATypI 2023 conference in Paris, in which many students and faculty of our University actively participated, the participants of this event also had the opportunity to experience an unusual calligraphic VR performance by the lecturer PJAIT, Monika Marek-Lucka, and the artist supporting creative projects PJAIT Brody Neunschwander.

The latest issue of the prestigious graphic design magazine Eye features an article about this Paris event, which mentions the performance along with a photo in which we see the authors involved (opposite).

We are pleased to see such an exceptional recognition of our lecturer in the graphic design community and wish her further success.

Eye magazine has built its reputation on insightful and critical coverage of graphic design and visual culture set in a cultural and historical context.

"Eye" covers a wide area of topics including typography, illustration, branding, advertising and other aspects of visual communication. The magazine frequently features interviews with prominent designers and reviews of design-related events and exhibitions.

The magazine is aimed at both design professionals and design enthusiasts, providing a platform for discussion and analysis of contemporary design trends and issues.

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