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graphic design title page with the inscription "mLegitimacy"
An infographic announcing the introduction of mLegitimacy on the PJAIT

We are happy to announce that the mLegitimacy service has been implemented at our Academy, giving access to an electronic version of the student ID card. Thanks to this functionality, it will be possible to use student discounts and entitlements just by showing a smartphone screen, without the need to carry a physical version. 

How to use mLegitymacja? 

To use it, find the new "mLegitymacja" tab in the GAKKO module. To activate the document, it is necessary to have the mObywatel app on your phone. After this step, mLegitymacja will be available from the new tab in GAKKO and the mObywatel app.

What is worth knowing about mLegitymacja?

The functionality is available only to students with an officially assigned PESEL number. Importantly, in order to obtain it, you must have a valid, physical ELS card.

If you have additional questions or technical problems, please submit a request via Gakko HelpDesk. 

We invite you to use mLegitymacja! 

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