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Study description

NeuroManagement is a study that is innovative and unrivaled on the Polish market. The aim of the studies is to equip managers with knowledge relating to reliable, state-of-the-art brain research results and to show and practice how this knowledge can be effectively applied in managerial practice

Under the guidance of scientists and top practitioners in the fields of neuroscience, neuro-management, management and psychology, you will learn about the fascinating world of human capabilities, but also limitations, and gain unique, specialized competencies that will allow you to develop your managerial career path. This is the only study in neuro-management on the Polish market, so the skills and competencies gained here can be your big competitive advantage.

Who are the studies aimed at?

The study is aimed at managers with a minimum of one year of work experience.

Where do graduates work?

  • In large companies in managerial positions
  • In companies in sales, HR communication, PR, marketing departments
  • In employment agencies, consulting and branding agencies
  • In marketing and PR agencies
  • run their own businesses 

Opening hours

Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm


Office of Graduate Studies
room #17
tel. (+48) 512 497 506
tel. (+48) 504 640 530
tel. (+48) 22 58 44 597

ul. Koszykowa 86
02-008 Warszawa

Centre for Postgraduate Studies

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Head of Postgraduate Studies in Neuro-management:
Anna Kornacka

What sets these studies apart? What do you come out of them with?

The classes are taught by scientists and expert practitioners with many years of unique experience in the field of neuro-management (effective brain-friendly management).

Thanks to the faculty partners and staff consisting of lecturers-practitioners, we can provide the Students with the optimal balance between theory and practice. In the study program, we have provided for a lot of workshop activities that allow quick practice and verification of the discussed issues.

Business is about relationships. We have planned the entire study so that students can use their time at the study not only to acquire knowledge and skills, but also to establish valuable business relationships. In addition, throughout the course of the studies as well as after graduation, you will have the opportunity to maintain lively contact with the students and lecturers of all editions and stay abreast of news in the field of neuroengineering or neuroscience more broadly.

Graduate of the studies, by learning the mechanisms (capabilities and limitations) of the functioning of the adult brain will be able to improve their style of management, motivation, planning and organizing time and tasks so as to create the most effective team. This is the only study of neuro-management on the Polish market that takes into account the specifics of the IT industry, so the skills and competencies gained here can be your big competitive advantage.

Meeting with managers of postgraduate programs

No one will tell you more about the studies offered by Centre for Postgraduate Studies than those who created them. We invite you to watch and listen to the interviews with the managers of the postgraduate and MBA programs (including the head of CKP Ms. Marta Godzisz), conducted by Ms. Aleksandra Szyr.