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General information

Flexibility and comfort

We know that knowledge and skills are acquired most fruitfully in the right conditions, which is why our classes are held both remotely (saving time and energy) and stationary (allowing you to establish and maintain relationships, more fully exchange experiences).

The study lasts two semesters and includes 10 assemblies including: 5 online sessions and 5 on-site sessions in Warsaw.

Classes are conducted in Polish.


We have designed the program to familiarize the Audience with the broadest possible substantive scope of neuro-management taking into account the latest trends, results of brain research and specifics of the IT industry, as well as to allow practical practice of many of the topics covered.

Study program

Study program 2024/2025

Study Program 2023/2024

Subject's descriptions

Introduction to brain science (16 hrs.)

  • Neuroscience - history, development, application
  • Specifics of the human brain - stages of development, possibilities, limitations
  • Brain research, neuroimaging - the latest research
  • Legacy of the Cro Magnon Man - biological determinants of adult thinking, action and emotion
  • Biological and neurobiological determinants of work

Neuro-management - building an effective team (32 hrs).

  • Team or group? Biological, neurobiological, psychological and sociological aspects of team building and team and group work
  • How to compose a happy and effective team
  • Intergenerational differences in light of mature and immature brain research
  • Leader and manager - combined and separate roles
  • Memetic role of the manager in the team - workshop

Neuro-management - engaging and motivating employees (32 hours).

  • Neurobiological and psychological determinants of adult work and activity motivation
  • Specifics of the punishment and reward system in management - neurobiological and psychological approaches
  • Myths about motivation
  • Review of good patterns - effective motivation in accordance with the needs of the adult brain
  • Managerial workshop - composing a motivational map

Neuro-management - the brain of a leader/manager (16 hrs).

  • The Leader's Mind – The Mind of Tomorrow: Discovering Potential, Building Brain-Changing Habits, Creating Relationships in an Uncertain Future
  • Question-thinking and growth mindset
  • Well-being of the leader / manager - a practical approach
  • Strengthening the manager's personal brand – building credibility and trust
  • Management workshop

Neuro-management - increasing team effectiveness (32 hrs.).

  • Working memory, attention and focusing capabilities - opportunities and limitations
  • Memorization mechanisms - working and procedural memory vs. working conditions
  • Hippocampus - the gateway to memory and its specific needs
  • Management style and the effectiveness of team members - individual and group
  • Myths about planning and organizing tasks
  • Task planning and organization - a review of good practices
  • Mechanisms for using the collective wisdom of the team - knowledge management in the organization
  • Management workshop

Mirror and canonical mechanisms in effective management (16 hrs).

  • Mirror neurons and canonical neurons - mechanisms of action, latest research and theses
  • Use of mirror and canonical mechanisms in motivating, engaging, building relationships
  • Conflict prevention and management of conflict situations in the team
  • Hippocampus and storytelling vs. mirror and canonical mechanisms - building a leader and manager's position in the team
  • Management workshop

Neuro-management - organizing a brain-friendly workplace and working conditions (16 hrs).

  • Brain-friendly working conditions
  • Physical conditions - optimal compositions according to basic needs - a review of good patterns in Poland and around the world
  • Psychological conditions - management style, communication style, organizational culture, team atmosphere, stress level - review of good patterns in Poland and around the world
  • Management workshop

Meeting with managers of postgraduate programs

No one will tell you more about the studies offered by Centre for Postgraduate Studies than those who created them. We invite you to watch and listen to the interviews with the managers of the postgraduate and MBA programs (including the head of CKP Ms. Marta Godzisz), conducted by Ms. Aleksandra Szyr.