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We are proud to announce that our volleyball players won the honorable 1st place in the tournament for the Cup of the Director of GOSiR Dębe Wielkie, which took place on 28.04.2024. A total of 12 teams participated in the competition, and we achieved victory thanks to the incredible commitment and determination of our players. In addition, we are pleased that the title of MVP of the tournament went to our talented student Matthew Stecz.

In the past winter semester, the AZS volleyball section PJAIT achieved a number of significant results. At the XX Memorial Wieslaw Gawlowski tournament, with the participation of 20 teams, our team won the group, which resulted in advancement to the second day of competition, where we reached the semifinals. In the tournament VII Volleyball Tournament of Great Hearts, with the participation of 16 teams, we also triumphed in the group, but fell in the quarterfinals, losing to the later winner.

In addition, there were sparring matches with AZS UW, where the current state of competition is 2 won and 2 lost matches, and with AZS SGH, where we won 4:0, impressing the level of our team.

In the current semester, our athletes plan to participate in more tournaments and play decisive sparring matches with AZS UW and a rematch with AZS SGH. In other sports, our achievements are also noteworthy. The soccer team took 3rd place in the extra-league league in the spring, while in basketball the team participated in the Academic Championships of Warsaw and Mazovia.

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