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Marcin Rogalski

1. What influenced you to pursue an MBA at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology?

The first factor that influenced me to take an MBA at PJAIT, was the desire for self-realization through the acquisition of knowledge and valuable skills. I simply like to develop myself. The second element that influenced my decision was my plans for the future. Developing my own business and projects that have been maturing in my mind for a long time is the goal I set for myself for the coming years. I believe that if you want to carry out large-scale projects, you need to have a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge to avoid mistakes in the early stages. I knew that at a study of this profile I would meet experienced managers, and as we all know a rich network of contacts is a huge added value and one of the pillars of modern business.

2. How do you recall your time at MBA 4 IT at PJAIT? What was the most significant thing for you during the studies themselves?

It was a very pleasant and productive time spent. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of industries from which my colleagues in the group came. It made me realize how quickly IT is evolving and having an increasing impact on aspects of our daily lives. A group of experienced managers who were eager to share their wealth of experience with other participants, but also and most importantly a group of warm and smiling people with whom one could talk about many interesting topics - not necessarily related to IT.

3. What areas from the curriculum covered during your MBA were most relevant and useful to you in your professional life?

Due to my professional profile, I was mainly interested in classes on branding, including personal branding, classes on gamification and cyber security. I also gained a lot from the soft skills classes. Developing leadership skills and those in public speaking increased my confidence in this area.

4. How do you assess the cooperation of MBA students during the course and the contact between the student and the lecturer. Are the relationships that have been established important to you?

During the course, the lecturer/student boundary practically blurred. The vast majority of lecturers taught classes on a partnership basis, where the joint exchange of knowledge and experience yielded incredible results and huge amounts of practical knowledge. It seems to me that it is this synergy that is the advantage of MBA studies over other types of studies.

The staff of lecturers, is a collection of practitioner specialists with vast experience, who are eager to stay in touch with students after the course program. The relationships I have established during my studies are something very important to me. Such a valuable networking network, is an added reward that I hope will last for a long time to come and prove helpful to all of us.

5. How did your MBA study contribute to your career development?

First of all, I have gained a lot of knowledge needed to manage and develop my business. Thanks to the skills I have acquired, I am developing my projects. I can always consult with lecturers or friends in the group when needed. Studying has definitely changed my approach to managing and working with people. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this, I know what I still need to work on to become an even better manager.

6. What values, beyond the curriculum itself, were most important to you during the MBA itself?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, in my opinion, the greatest added value is the network of experienced people from a wide range of industries. The lecturers, as well as the other students in my class group, are open-minded people who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge. With the support of such a group, it is much easier to achieve business goals and solve the problems encountered. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for the time we spent together in and out of class.

7. What tips could you give to potential MBA candidates? Investing in yourself is always a good investment. Probably some of you think it's not a good time to start such studies, but don't delay this decision. Believe in your skills. Developing your managerial skills is a process that never ends, and an MBA is an opportunity for tremendous growth. For younger managers, it is an opportunity to gather knowledge from experienced colleagues and specialists, and for managers with more experience, a chance to refine their workshop and refresh their knowledge. The IT industry is changing very dynamically, and a good manager should develop along with it.