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In connection with the ongoing "Data for City" hackathon in Ursynów, a series of workshops is being held in Ursynów high schools (including LO 63, LO 70 and LO 166). The workshops are about interactive storytelling and game development, which is close to many lecturers and students PJAIT, so we decided to actively participate in this event. 

The goal of this workshop is to promote game development and design as a career choice after high school graduation and to present PJAIT as a place to pursue an education and future in media and game design.

The workshop is led by Benjamin Hanussk and Timothy Pietruszka of PJAIT Game Lab.

"Interactive Storytelling is a workshop designed to introduce young people to emergent storytelling as used in games. The class begins with a lecture on design and narrative theory in multimedia, and then the Twine tool is introduced. Twine allows for quick and easy storytelling in the form of a game, where the viewer makes decisions about the story. With the help of the tool, students create their own emergent stories. After the two-hour workshop, they are not only capable of working in Twine, but also familiar with the process used in the industry to develop and build stories for multimedia."

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