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Have you finished your bachelor's degree in Computer Science and are wondering what to do next? We are sure that we will convince you to pursue a master's degree at PJAIT!

This year's ELA (Economic Fate of Graduates) ranking compiling median average monthly earnings in the first year after graduation was dominated by computer science. Of the top 50 majors whose graduates earn the highest salaries in the first year after graduation (defense in 2021), only seven are unrelated to computer science. The vast majority - 43, accounting for almost 90% of the top ranking - are in computer science, electronics, digital data analysis, robotics, etc.

Also at the top was computer science second degree at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The median average earnings of our graduates in the first year after graduation is almost 9700 PLN gross per month! This is the fourth best result among all majors in Poland!

We are proud that right after graduating from our university, graduates can enjoy such high salaries. This proves that studying at PJAIT is an extremely valuable part of their resume.

Recruiters also appreciate the experience that our graduates have already gained during their studies. The second-degree program at PJAIT is designed to allow students to easily combine classes with work, further enhancing their attractiveness in the job market. 

Studying a second degree at PJAIT is much more than just another stage of education. It is also a unique opportunity to:
- deepen your knowledge in the area of the latest IT trends,
- improve your programming skills,
- develop advanced business applications,

as well as conducting analysis using unconventional Big Data engineering methods.

The knowledge and skills gained at PJAIT are the key to broadening prospects in the job market and the door to a prestigious career in the IT industry in Poland, Europe and the world.

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