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On April 8-9, the Palace of Culture and Science hosted the 6th International Conference of the Scene of Tomorrow, which brought together specialists from various fields to discuss current topics, concerning technology, education, business and more!

On the Discussion Stage during thematic panels we could see experts associated with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The Dean of the Faculty of New Media Arts, Ewa Satalecka, PhD, took part in a conversation entitled. "Perspectives and Challenges in the Changing Landscape of the Performing Arts," where she and other education and design experts discussed education in the age of new technologies. Marta Godzisz, head of Centre for Postgraduate Studies moderated the panel "Building bridges between education and business - professional cooperation," which included faculty from the Department of NeMA PJAIT Dr. Jacek Rokosz.

PJAIT on the Stage of Tomorrow also made an artistic presentation. Dr. Anna Klimczak and Eng. Tomasz Miśkiewicz, lecturers at the Faculty NeMA PJAIT talked about the TouchDesigner environment and teaching multimedia programming. Then Daria Prasolova and Maria Sidorova, students of the Faculty NeMA, presented a student performance entitled. "Interaction In /Out Of Real/ Time" created under the watchful eye of the aforementioned speakers, Sefa Sagir and Bartosz Wyszynski, which was the result of the Interactive Week 2024 workshops conducted at our university. Their goal was to create visual etudes created in real time, thanks to the interaction of digital data with the dynamic movement of the performer. 

The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology was a partner of the event.

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