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What kind of works can be submitted to the competition?
You can submit your work if it is thematically related to one of the following scientific disciplines:
- automation, electronics, electrical engineering and space technologies
- computer science technical and telecommunications
Works in Polish or English are accepted.

What prizes await the winners?
The jury will select 9 winners - 3 each of the authors of engineering, master's and doctoral theses. Prizes range from PLN 4,000 to as much as PLN 16,000.

Until when are applications accepted?
Applications are accepted until March 13, 2024.
Until then, fill out the application form, collect all the necessary documents and send them to:

We sincerely encourage you to participate!

What does TRUMPF Huettinger do?
TRUMPF Huettinger develops, tests and manufactures plasma process power equipment, and its business is based on three stable pillars - the production of power supplies, electronics and control cabinets. The company's headquarters is home to one of the largest Research and Development Centers in Poland, where designs are created, prototypes are developed, and solutions are constructed and tested before going into production.

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