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Organization of activities

  • The selected field of study postgraduate course is delivered 100% online and does not require physical attendance at the University. Postgraduate students take online courses at their convenience and at any location.
  • Students gain access to the CyberSkiller platform, which features online courses along with labs specified in the curriculum.
  • Teaching is supported by a Tutor, i.e. a lecturer at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology, who monitors the students' implementation of the material.
  • The tutor is available to students throughout the learning process and will answer questions, both substantive and about teaching computer science, through an email channel
  • Students are given access to a discussion forum designed for postgraduate students of IT systems security testing. The forum is moderated in an asynchronous mode by lecturers from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw.
  • Each month, postgraduate students receive by e-mail information about the tasks to be completed in a given month. The tasks have an automatic checking module, so in a few seconds the student can verify the correctness of the tasks completed.
  • Monthly tasks to be completed by students are discussed in a video that shows how to solve a given task. The solution is performed by an expert and includes a discussion of the solution.
  • In addition, the student gains access to practical credit assignments, the solution of which will be the basis for passing the module. The student solves the credit tasks at any time during the course of study.
  • Classes are conducted in Polish.

Credit for studies

  • It is a prerequisite to pass all subjects specified in the study program
  • The student gains access to practical additional (credit) tasks within each subject. Solving these tasks is the basis for passing a module. The listener solves credit tasks at any time during the course of study.

Study leader

dr hab. Bogdan Księżopolski, prof. PJAIT

Cybereducation specialist, doctoral degree in technical informatics and telecommunications. Creator of many computer science curricula at different levels of education. Author of the Cybereducation podcast, in which he talks about the no-nos of teaching computer science. Professor, head of the Department of Cyber Security and Cybereducation, at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw. Founder and CEO of Cyberskiller.


Meeting with managers of postgraduate programs

No one will tell you more about the studies offered by Centre for Postgraduate Studies than those who created them. We invite you to watch and listen to the interviews with the managers of the postgraduate and MBA programs (including the head of CKP Ms. Marta Godzisz), conducted by Ms. Aleksandra Szyr.