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Important information:

Study description

The MBA program for the IT industry at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology fully expands, complements and systematizes knowledge of the IT market in Poland and around the world.

The overarching goal of the study is to provide students with modern knowledge of management, business development strategy, analysis and methodology for solving business problems based on the specifics of the IT industry.

The study program enables students to become acquainted with the available technological opportunities - especially in the context of their use in solving business problems, and thus in improving the cooperation of the IT department with other departments in companies.

The study teaches how to search for IT tools to solve business problems, how to match appropriate technological methods to business needs, and shows the potential of technological innovation and its areas of application. They provide an excellent basis for dynamic professional development and growth of business results.


Service for candidates
for studies at PJAIT is provided stationary, by phone and by e-mail.

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MBA study office
room #17
86 Koszykowa St.
02-008 Warsaw

tel. (+48) 22 58 44 597
tel. (+48) 606 329 434


Opening hours

Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm

Why it is worth studying?

MBA studies in PJAIT

Technology is changing today's professions and forcing them to look at issues from a new perspective. Therefore, an MBA candidate for the IT industry is a person whose professional challenges and further professional development will be the areas of the broader IT industry, as well as cooperation with technology departments.

The MBA program for the IT industry is aimed at middle, senior and top management. Prerequisites for participation include at least Bachelor's degree and several years of work experience.

The MBA program at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology is a growing community of outstanding professionals who, year after year, have the opportunity to meet and expand their "networking" reach during the Graduation and Inauguration Ceremony of MBA Students and Postgraduate Students at PJAIT. We make sure that exquisite leadership talents have the chance to share their experiences with new MBA for IT grads.

Additional benefits

- listeners receive an MBA for the IT industry not only with in-depth knowledge, but more importantly, with solid practice in complex decision-making and what it means to lead in a global environment.

- By analyzing the leadership practices and organizational cultures that enable today's leaders to shape more agile and digitally mature organizations, participants will develop new methods and gain skills to drive digital transformation and overcome obstacles to progress.

- Exchange of experience, work in project groups

- Expanding the network of inspiring professionals, contacts in the IT industry, which in the future may result in opening to new opportunities, as well as future cooperation

holders of an MBA degree are entitled to sit on the supervisory boards of companies with state ownership. According to Article 19 (1) of the Law on Principles of State Property Management of December 16, 2016. (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 2259), one of the requirements for candidates for members of supervisory bodies and governing bodies is completion of a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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MBA means the chance to:


Discovering new perspectives and expanding professional horizons is a key objective of our MBA program. Our program perfectly supports your career development, enabling you to gain essential skills and knowledge not only in business, but also in management, leadership and innovation.


An MBA is not only an investment in knowledge, it is also an investment in oneself - transforming ambitions into professional success. Thanks to the competencies gained, our graduates are attractive candidates on the job market, which often translates into the possibility of promotion to key management positions.


An MBA is a key step towards achieving higher levels of salary and career success. This program enables you to develop competencies that are highly valued in the job market, such as strategic management skills, financial analysis, leadership and negotiation


Our academic staff - experienced business practitioners and unique educational modules allow students to understand the complexities of the modern business world and learn to make effective decisions in a dynamic and competitive environment.

What will you leave with after graduation?

  • Understanding of volatility and the nature of risk and how to identify it in the financial markets, knowledge of macroeconomic and institutional ways to strive for financial stability,
  • Familiarity with and use of the Design Sprint process
  • Design thinking and the ability to apply it in practice
  • The application of gamification in practice, thanks to which we are changing the financial results of more than one company in a real way.
  • Knowledge of the negotiation process, the decision-making process in an individual customer and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in groups
  • Use of neuro-management to increase work efficiency through knowledge of selected aspects related to brain function
  • knowledge of new trends in management with an analysis of their current relevance on the ground of particular organizational cultures, taking into account cultural differences.
  • Understanding the economic trends shaping the modern world
  • Using voice work to create your image

  •  familiarization with new models of technology management and protection, intellectual property protection, and competition and consumer law in relation to new technologies.     
  • Economic forecasting
  • solving large-scale problems and influencing social change.
  • Performing a leadership role in the organization
  •  knowledge of the art of public speaking
  • Knowledge and practice of the elements of conscious conflict management
  • Familiarity with the company's intellectual property rights management tools as well as the resource
  • Knowledge of IT project management and the ability to apply it in practice
  • knowledge of modern agile working methods
  • managing your own development and professional life
  • managing a distributed team
  • Managing change in the organization during the digital transformation

MBA Graduation

The graduate will have the full knowledge of the possibilities and broad technological solutions in business processes, know the potential of the IT market and be able to use this potential in the right way.

Graduates receive a prestigious diploma from the University, which has been valued among executives and entrepreneurs for many years, confirming high managerial qualifications in the IT industry.


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