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Study description

The purpose of studying Databases and their applications is to practically acquaint students with the basic techniques of creating and administering databases and information systems.

During the two-semester course, students learn:

  • use the SQL language for communicating with databases,
  • Lead IT projects using CASE computer tools,
  • administer databases,
  • design data warehouses and OLAP (business intelligence) applications,
  • design Web sites and Web applications.

The course Databases and their applications presents the most important issues related to databases, starting with their design, through the study of SQL language and its extensions, their administration, data warehousing and ending with the stage of creating a database application. It is intended for people who are just beginning their adventure with databases, as well as those already using databases in practice, wishing to broaden and systematize their knowledge.

Opening hours

Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-4pm


Office of Graduate Studies
room #17
tel. (+48) 512 497 506
tel. (+48) 504 640 530
tel. (+48) 22 58 44 597

ul. Koszykowa 86
02-008 Warszawa

Centre for Postgraduate Studies

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Head of Postgraduate Studies Databases and their Applications:
Prof. dr hab. Lech Banachowski

Who are the studies aimed at?

Study addressees

The study is addressed to IT professionals and specialists in other fields who want to apply information solutions to support their daily professional work, especially when conducting IT projects.

Ideal candidates are those who have basic computer knowledge, have some experience with IT tools, and intend to supplement their education with database design and administration and information systems development.

Why is it worth it?

Our studies introduce you to useful methods and techniques for creating and managing databases and information systems.

These are studies where the emphasis is primarily on practical issues related to the tasks that participants will encounter on the job.

Meeting with managers of postgraduate programs

No one will tell you more about the studies offered by Centre for Postgraduate Studies than those who created them. We invite you to watch and listen to the interviews with the managers of the postgraduate and MBA programs (including the head of CKP Ms. Marta Godzisz), conducted by Ms. Aleksandra Szyr.