Meetings on Aggresion - NeMA - 02.04

Meetings on Aggresion - NeMA - 02.04

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On behalf of Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk and NeMA MA students,

the MA New Media Arts department would like to invite you to a lecture/workshop as part of a set of meetings on AGGRESSION.

Taking on ideas connected to aggressive behaviour in the public sphere both in the offline and online universe, the theme for this set of meetings is also connected to this year’s activities organised nationwide by a coalition of public institutions, non-governmental organizations, social movements, collectives, artists and activists as part of the Antifascist year initiative.

Our next meeting will be on the:

Processes of Aggression as a Disturbance of Existence (workshop) / with dr Tomasz Mazur

at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology / ul. Koszykowa 86
Studio Sztuki [building C] on Tuesday 02.04.2019 at 16:30 - 18:30

[meetings are free and open to everyone]

Dr Tomasz Mazur - a philosopher by profession, lecturer, educator, currently working as an IB coordinator of the 2nd SLO in Warsaw. He is a contemporary practicing stoic, and an author of books on stoicism (including O stawaniu się stoikiem). Over the last few years, he coordinates Stoic workshops popularising philosophical techniques of self improvement. Founder of the Stoic Practice Centre, and co-author of the Stoic Way Stoic Education project.