About the PJATK publishing house

About the PJATK publishing house

Polish higher education institutions are severely affected by the lack of good academic textbooks in the field of computer science, which significantly hampers education by high quality IT staff.

The Polish-Japanese Computer Science Academy has experienced, academic workers who have embarked upon the development of academic textbooks covering the most important issues in the rapidly growing field of computer science.

In addition to textbooks, PJATK publishes monographs necessary for the scientific development of the information society, including works for their authors to obtain their doctoral degrees, doctor with habilitation degrees or scientific titles of the professor in the field of computer science.

We hope that our activities will contribute to the complement of the list of good, inspirational books, willingly used by lecturers and computer science students at home and abroad.

Our books can be purchased directly in the Publishing House and also in our online store (www.sklep.pja.edu.pl).

Titles are also available in bookstores, mainly informatics and technical ones, in the whole country.

We invite you to cooperate with us.