Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Life of our students in our academy cycle around student council and numerous scientific groups. Interest groups are great place to gain additional knowledge and skills related with your interest.

Actively realizing original projects, popularize research activities and give the opportunity to present their achievements in the country and abroad by participating in competitions, conferences, etc. During their daily struggles, they are supported by a wide group of qualified scientific staff.


Programming Mobile Devices Club

The goal of the club is to acquire and broaden the practical knowledge in the field of programming for mobile devices. We promote the knowledge in programming and the use of mobile devices in the PJATK community as well as outside the academy.

Mentor: dr Michał Tomaszewski


PJATK User Experience Club

The main aim of this club is to improve knowledge and skills in User Experience. Co-participation in research. Organizing meetings, lectures, event and workshop in the field of UX.

Mentors: mgr Marcin Wichrowski


OTEDAMA Japanese handcraft Club

We are inviting you to join “OTEDAMA” group, operating at PJATK. This group is focused on to deep knowledge about Japanese art, aesthetics and to present and promote in students groups traditional Japanese handcraft. During classes You will be able to do by Yourself original Japanese toys, arts, decorations and daily use items.

Mentor: mgr Ewa Krassowska-Mackiewicz


Scientific Club 4MA DESIGN

4MAdesignn was founded in 2011. The goal of this organization is to deepen knowledge about contemporary design, technology and art. What’s as important is also gaining experience through participation in joint projects, which are then displayed at fairs and exhibitions. This is a fairly new but thriving and successful club.

Mentor: mgr Aleksander Lesiewicz


Project Management Club

Main idea of this club to increase knowledge in subject as management and IT.

Mentor: mgr inż. Piotr Gago


Machine Learning Club

Main idea of this club is to gather people with same interest in machine learning.

Mentor: prof. Grzegorz Wójcik


Rules about registration of clubs

In order to start club You have to deliver this documents:

  1. Application form with such information’s:
  2. Statutes of the Club .
  3. List of student, which are going to participate in club classes
  4. Plans about tasks and budget proposal detailing the necessary steps:
  • Main idea(tasks) and type(interdepartmental, departmental)
  • Name of Club
  • Name and surname of person from lecturers which will take care of club and student which will be leader of the club

All documents should be delivered to Ms. Zuzanna Gierden This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (promotion department), he is responsible for administrating of clubs.