Income of PJAIT’s graduates - ministry report

Income of PJAIT’s graduates - ministry report

Great news about PJAIT’s graduates and their income! Once again our students are among some the highest earners in the country.

Our graduates of Computer Science, Graphics and Interior Design end up being, according to a new ministerial report, some the best paid employees in Poland. New updated data had been provided on the economic position of our graduates, allowing us to see just how well they’re doing!

The nationwide ELA system contains information on how graduates of Polish universities are doing in the labour market. Those who graduated from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology occupy the highest positions in the ELA ranking systems, both in terms of wages and the average income in their places of residence.

Graduates of the part-time second-cycle Computer Science at PJAIT are ranked 1st in Mazowsze and 3rd in Poland in terms of average wages in their place of residence - this indicator was 1.82. This means that the wages of people after studying at PJAIT were almost double the average wages of the region. The median of average monthly earnings for all sources for them amounted to PLN 8,810 per month in the first year after receiving the diploma.

The data from the system also showed that graduates of part-time second-degree Graphics are in the first place in Poland in terms of earnings - they received almost PLN 5,200 per month.

Graduates of the 1st degree part-time Interior Design course also took 1st place in the country in terms of both earnings and average salary in their place of residence; with their median salary averaging at PLN 4,300 per month. In both categories (index and median) in Mazowieckie voivodeship, people who completed part-time and full-time studies in Interior Design at PJAIT were ranked 1st and 2nd.

Taking into account the median average earnings, the third place in the country was taken by people who completed part-time Information Management of the 1st degree, receiving over PLN 8,500 per month.

The list also includes graduates of first-degree Cultural Studies - a major devoted to Japanese culture. The median of their average salary was over PLN 2,900, which places them in the top ten, at 7th place, in Poland.

The ELA system collects anonymous data on the employment of university graduates in Poland. The sources of information for this are based on the administrative data from the Social Insurance Institution and the POL-on system supporting the work of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

In July, the database was supplemented with the data of people who received their diplomas in 2018.