Exhibition "Independence"

Exhibition "Independence"

100 × Independence exhibition at the Poster Museum in Wilanów from March 29th to May 15th 2018 (opening on March 29th 2018, 7PM).

The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, in cooperation with the Poster Museum in Wilanów, Warsaw as well as artistic and design schools from all over the world, would like to invite the lecturers of design subjects to lead their students in conducting a task to explain the contemporary meaning of the word independence.

100 × Independence – an international design workshops devoted to creation and public presentation of visual and multimedia communications to answer the question of how design students interpret the meaning of the word Independence.

The project will commence at the PJAIT in Warsaw in October with lectures and workshops led by an international group of lecturers. We would like to encourage similar activities at the academies of all continents. The English-language lectures given in Warsaw are available to watch, so that all lecturers are able to recommend them to their students.

Supervised by teachers engaged in the project, students will create visual outcomes a printed poster or an animated poster. Each institute will provide a “competition” of their own and send only 5 best works. They will be presented in form of an exhibition at the Poster Museum in Wilanów, an on-line presentation on the project’s website and in an exhibition's catalog.

2018 is a special year – Poland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of regaining independence. As 1918 was a breakthrough moment in the history of many countries.

Welcome art and design students, lecturers and art institutions to participate a common design exhibition at Wilanów poster museum, seminar and publication 100 × Independence!