Lecture by Dr. Ellen Pearlman in Gdańsk

Lecture by Dr. Ellen Pearlman in Gdańsk

New Horizons In New Media

lecture by Dr. Ellen Pearlman
17.11.2021, 6 pm
LAZNIA 1 CCA – Parakino room Jaskolcza 1, Gdansk

Is There A Place In Human Consciousness Where Surveillance Cannot Go? Can An AI Be Fascist?
We invite you to a lecture by Dr. Ellen Pearlman – a new media artist, critic, curator, writer and educator, based in New York. During the lecture, Ellen will discuss issues related to new horizons of new media, artificial intelligence or developing a collaborative co-working methodology, presenting her projects, such as: "Noor" – a brainwave opera or "DANCEDEMIC" – an interactive live time networked performance in New York City and the rest the world during the lockdown.
Dr. Ellen Pearlman is a Research Fellow at MIT she is also Director of ThoughtWorks Arts, a global technology research lab. Ellen is a Fulbright Specialist in Art, New Media and Technology, a Vertigo STARTS Laureate, a Zero1 American Arts Incubator/U.S. State Department Artist, and President of Art-A-Hack ™ a collaborative co-creation methodology. She received her PhD from the School of Creative Media, Hong Kong City University where her PhD thesis was awarded highest global honors from Leonardo LABS Abstracts.
The lecture will be held in English.

Please be advised that a maximum of 20 people may be present at a lecture at the Parakino room at LAZNIA 1 CCA. Body temperature of all persons entering buildings will be measured, health questionnaires will be collected.
The lecture is co-orgranised with Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.
Ellen Pearlman's stay in Poland is organised in the frames of Fulbright scholarship.