Book author's meeting "Future Graphic Language"

Book author's meeting "Future Graphic Language"

We cordially invite you to a meeting with the authors of the book "Future Graphic Language"!

The book "Future Graphic Language" was created as part of the FutureText art and research project, conducted in 2018-2021 thanks to a NAWA grant. The publication contains the texts of the lectures given during the symposium entitled "Future Graphic Language", organized by PJAIT together with the University of Reading, British Library, the University of Warsaw, and the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw in December 2019.

The international symposium devoted to the future of graphic text forms was co-organized by Ewa Satalecka and Maciej Połczyński, a typographer who is also the designer of the book "FGL - Future Graphic Language". In the publication, he used the typefaces he designed, including variable fonts, letters that smoothly change form. This type of font made it possible to design a dynamic, "animated" 3D cover. Publishing scientific materials does not have to be boring. Maciej Połczyński plays with new and old technologies: he designs the printing, but uses the format and grid characteristic of screen edits; the layout forces the reader to move the book according to the writing direction. All pictures were rasterized as it was done in the pre-digital era with press materials - “on the grid.” Recycled paper (resembling newspaper) was used for printing. The printed black and white pages were sewn by hand with binding thread. The cover was printed with a modern method of lenticular printing, thanks to which the animation used in the promotion of the symposium was preserved.

The visual materials and recordings of the lectures published in the book are available on the research project website https://futuretext.org/repository/, book readers will be able to view them in AR form, using the QR codes that the designer used to enable quick connection to the recordings. Thanks to the cooperation with the 2D2 publishing house, the publication will be available to buyers of typographic books and can be ordered through the British Library, Reading University, and the PJAIT publishing house.

The author's meeting will be held on April 27, 2021 at 7 pm on the Zoom platform! The meeting will be held in English.

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