Scena Jutra - an exhibition of SNM students

Scena Jutra - an exhibition of SNM students

We invite you to SNM faculty students’ exhibition! You will have an opportunity to see 3D projects, tools for virtual space writing , used by Brody Neuenschwander, vr, ar, design projects of our students and graduates, including a diploma in HoloLens, mappings, installations created by Multimedia Studio and Sculpture Workshop. Kacper Weyna is responsible for a visual design of the meeting.

The projects, shown in Paris, co-authored by Kacper Weyna, Emilia Miękisz, Vlad Boyko and Olga Kulish also will be presented there.

When: 19.02-20.02

Where: Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa in Sale Redutowe