Mind controlled robot on the 23rd Science Picnic

Mind controlled robot on the 23rd Science Picnic

The participants of the 23rd Science Picnic who will visit the stand of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology on May 11 will be able to steer a robot using only their thoughts or make traditional Japanese footwear in an eco-friendly way.

The Science Picnic is the biggest open-air scientific show in Europe. It gathers around 200 research institutions, universities, museums, cultural institutions, funds connected with education and student’s interest groups who present their achievements and reveal the secrets of their everyday work. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology will once again be present among them.

During The Science Picnic organized by Polskie Radio and Copernicus Science Centre PJAIT will present two shows: “The analysis of neural oscillations towards steering of the robot’s arm” and “Traditional Japanese weaving workshop”.

During the first experiment the volunteers will have a chance to wear a device called Emotiv Inside, which will enable them to steer the robotic arm “through their thoughts”. The working brain constantly generates an electromagnetic field. Thanks to the special electrodes we are able to track the brain’s activity and consequently determine which area was activated by which stimulus. Neural oscillations will be processed and elaborated in such a way to extract the patterns corresponding to given steering commands for the robot, such as “move the arm”, “turn”, “clench the claw”, “drop the object”.

During the second show there will be a presentation of traditional wooden machines which assisted the work of not only weavers but ordinary citizens in bygone Japan. The participants will gain new knowledge and skills as well as experience the Japanese history and culture. The specialists from PJAIT will present:

• oriki – traditional weaver machine – the participants will try a traditional weaving method; the fabric will be made throughout the whole picnic and will be measured at the end;
• kumihimo – plaiting colorful strings on a traditional Japanese wooden device; such decorative strings may be later used for making a bracelet;
• zōri – Japanese footwear – creating traditional Japanese footwear (which was once ubiquitous in Japan) with the aid of a wooden piece and strips of material – eco-friendly way for using old and battered clothes, thatch or felt.

The Picnic will take place on May 11 between 11.00 and 20.00 on the National Stadium in Warsaw. The plan of stands will be available soon.