Q&A Enrollment Meeting - 09.02.2023

Q&A Enrollment Meeting - 09.02.2023


We invite you to join the broadcast of the live Q&A meeting on Thursday February 9th.


Q&A PJAIT is an event held regularly in the form of question and answer sessions that we conduct online. During the event, representatives of the Enrolment Department and sometimes students of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology answer questions asked by candidates in real-time. During the Q&A PJAIT, you can get answers to all questions about the enrolment process for studies at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, as well as the specifics of individual faculties and courses. 

Q&A PJAIT is usually held in three languages: Polish (at 16 p.m.), English (at 14 p.m.), and Russian/Ukranian (at 15 p.m.). There is a dedicated hour for the event for each language.

You can ask your questions directly in the chat during the Q&A or write them down in the form.


A link to the live stream on our YouTube channel will appear on the day of the event.