Motyf 2016 International Moving Types Festival

Motyf 2016 International Moving Types Festival

On 24 November the International Moving Types Festival "Motyf 2016" begins at the Hochschule for Gestaltung New Medien Institute and Gutenberg Musems - the partner institutions of PJAIT.

The Motyf Festival is a global event initiated in 2013 by the students of PJATK (PJAIT)

Participants include students from Germany, Belgium and Poland (PJAIT), as well as the lecturers from the USA, New Zealand and Europe. The leading theme of the festival is the legacy of the world's philosophy and poetry seen through the lens of New Media techniques. Works of students from many countries will be presented.

The participation of our students is possible thanks to the grant of Polish-German Foundation. Our professors are sponsored by the Erasmus programme.

Photos available here

More information on the Festival's website: http://motyf-festival.com/