Information for candidates

Information for candidates

CANDIDATES FOR DOCTORAL STUDIES AT PJAIT can submit applications to start conferment procedure to the Dean, dr hab. Ewa Satalecka at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Along with the request for the initiation of a doctoral assessment process, the doctoral candidate shall submit the following documents to the Dean:

  • a proposed subject and concept of the doctoral thesis, specifying the area of knowledge, field of art and the artistic discipline [Area of art, field of art: fine arts; artistic discipline: fine arts] (Regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of August 8, 2011 on the areas of knowledge, fields of science and art, and scientific and artistic disciplines), in respect of which the doctoral assessment process is to be initiated and the supplementary discipline to be taken as part of doctoral examinations;
  • a copy of a document confirming the award of a Master's degree;
  • the proposal of a person to act as a supervisor, and in justified cases – e.g. where the need exists to assign a person to assist the supervisor in providing the scientific and artistic guidance to the candidate – also the proposal of a person to act as a subsidiary supervisor;
  • a list of artistic achievements (individual and collective exhibitions, plein-airs, workshops, contests, list of state decorations, prizes, distinctions, medals etc.) along with a record of artistic output appropriate for the candidate’s type of activity and documentation of its public presentation [reproductions of artworks (printouts, digital record), catalogues of individual exhibitions (photocopies or selected originals), programmes of selected artistic and teaching projects, reviews of artistic work, including press reviews, etc.] and information on activities to do with popularization of art;
  • in cases when the candidate has previously sought a degree of doktor, information about the doctoral assessment process;
  • photocopy of averse and reverse of candidate’s ID card;
  • completed personal questionnaire with photograph;
  • employer-endorsed record of professional or artistic achievements (portfolio);
  • certificate of employment and a record of service with the employer covering the cost of the assessment process (not applicable to PJAIT employees);
  • a declaration of the institution of higher education, organisation employing the candidate or the candidate himself regarding the coverage of the costs of the assessment process (not applicable to PJAIT employees);
  • the candidate is also required to prepare a brief presentation of his or her achievements in an electronic form (up to 20 MB, to be sent on-line to the members of the Faculty Board);
  • where the candidate holds a certificate confirming the knowledge of a modern foreign language – also a copy of this certificate.

The candidate may append the request to initiate the doctoral assessment process with an opinion written by a person holding the title of profesor or doktor habilitowany, as well as the consent of the candidate for the position of the supervisor to act as such, along with his/her opinion on the initiation of the process (including a statement that he has familiarised him/herself with the concept of the thesis and the full assessment documentation submitted by the candidate), and in the case of the subsidiary supervisor's participation in the process – also his/her written consent to take up this function.

The candidate may also submit a request to the Faculty Board to be allowed to present the thesis in a language other than Polish.

The request, together with the above mentioned documents, should be submitted in a binder (the individual parts of the documentation should be clearly separated).

In addition, the request and the attachments should be submitted in an electronic form.

The documentation provided by the candidate (request + attachments) must be authenticated with his/her own signature.

The information should be given in a thematic and chronological order. Documents delivered before the initiation of the assessment process cannot be corrected, supplemented etc.


The Faculty of New Media Arts offers courses and workshops which will facilitate the candidate’s work in the form of monthly sessions starting Friday afternoon until Sunday – 10 meetings in a semester.
The aim of the course is to introduce candidates to research methodology and to teach writing academic papers at the international level.