The study program is based on four learning modules:

1. IT – 54 ECTS

Provides knowledge and ability to use existing tools and building one’s own IT tools.


2. Theoretical – 37 ECTS

Provides knowledge about multimedia communication, interaction, cognitive science and perception, history of design as well as contemporary communication theories. In this module, the students also gain the ability to professionally express themselves in English.


3. Design – 79 ECTS

Provides students with a knowledge and ability to run multimedia projects based on verbal-visual means in a dynamic environment.


4. Practical, integrated – 10 ECTS

Embeds the knowledge and skills gained during studies in the context of project group work, cooperating with a real user – Design Practicum (project-based learning) vs. Design Studio.
Portfolio presentation, as well as presentation and defence of the diploma project – 2+10 = 12 ECTS.