Open research repositories

Open research repositories

Repositories of teaching materials

  • PJAIT online studies in IT as part of the ESF project — a repository of electronic materials.
  • Open AGH — a set of educational materials consisting of modules and collections, i.e. groups of modules arranged into courses, books.
  • PWI — Polska Wszechnica Informatyczna [Polish IT Academy] — an IT knowledge portal for students, lecturers and graduates of IT departments of Polish universities.
  • University Berkeley — a collection of recorded lectures.
  • MIT Open CourseWare — a collection of lectures in different forms, less or more complete.
  • Merlot — a repository of peer-reviewed teaching materials (portal associated with O'Reilly).
  • Slideshare — a collection of PowerPoint, Word and Adobe PDF presentations.
  • Academic Earth — a collection of video lectures from different universities
  • OpenLearn — British Open University course materials.
  • PHET — a collection of interactive simulations.
  • WikiEducator Project
  • Connexions — a set of educational materials consisting of modules and collections, i.e. groups of modules arranged into courses, books, reports.
  • OER Commons — open electronic resources.
  • Google Scholar — educational materials search engine.
  • Flatworld knowledge — a collection of books available online.
  • Wikibooks — a collection of books available online.
  • Google booksGoogle books — a book search engine

Other open electronic resources

  • POLONA — a digital repository of the National Library. The latest technology allows readers to carefully study each document, make a high-resolution print-out of the scan, and even create their own collection of the most interesting items. It is worth emphasising that most of the items in Polona are in public domain, which allows users to copy, modify and distribute them without restrictions.
  • FINA — National Film Archive — Audiovisual Institute (FINA), a national cultural institution created by the merger of the National Film Archive and the National Audiovisual Institute. Its tasks include, inter alia, collection, cataloguing and restoration of audiovisual heritage, as well as production, registration and dissemination of Polish audiovisual culture
  • Europeana Collections — it collaborates with a thousand European archives, libraries and museums to make cultural heritage accessible for educational and entertainment purposes. It provides access to more than 50 million digital items — books, music, works of art and others.
  • Open Culture — free cultural and educational media: online courses, audio books, language lessons and electronic books and films.
  • e-PNP — e-Publikacje Nauki Polskiej [e-Publications of Polish Science] is a collection of scientific publications from various fields issued by Polish universities, research institutes, scientific societies and associations and museums. Publications of the PJAIT Publishing House, which are co-financed by the EU, are also available in the database.
  • DOAJ — Directory of Open Access Journals — the largest open-access journal repository.
  • Repository of Centre for Open Science — addressed to the entire polish scientific community. Various scientific materials, such as articles, books, conference materials, reports and PhD theses are made available in this repository.
  • arXivarXiv — an archive of more than 1,5 million e-prints in the field of physics, mathematics, IT, statistics and economics.