Students of the Culture of Japan Department can take advantage of a wide range of scholarships in Japan.

There are monthly, annual and biennial scholarships.

Biennial (two-year) scholarships apply to complementary master’s studies and are fulfilled on any Japanese university of choice. The scholarship is fully paid on the Japanese side.

Students can already leave for annual scholarships (exchange) after their second year of studies. The program, fulfilled at a Japanese university, counts into the course of undergraduate studies in PJAIT. The scholarships are fully or partly covered on the Japanese side.

Other short-term trainings and scholarships are fulfilled in cooperation with various Japanese institutions and associations.

Students who have the highest GPA from studies and pass the qualification process (both internal and external) are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

Over the past four years scholarships have been awarded to 18 students of major, who attended universities in Tokyo, Saitama, China and Nagoya.

Upon completing the scholarships, some of our graduates received job offers and decided to stay longer in Japan.