General information

General information

Faculty of Culture of Japan offers cultural studies, focusing on Japanese language and culture, complemented with general knowledge of peoples and cultures of the Far East. Students acquire thorough knowledge from the field of cultural studies and practical skills of culture management. Upon completion of studies they earn BA degree in cultural studies. 

Candidates ca choose one of the two modes of study:

  • full-time (day) studies, 6 semesters
  • part-time (weekend) studies, 6 semesters

Studies are of general humanistic character. Speciall attention is paid to the culture of Japan. The curriculum includes an intensive course in the Japanese language, which should allow students to master it at the intermediate level. General subjects, necessary for all specialists in the field are philosophy, history of culture, sociology, anthropology, theories of culture and culture management. They are complemented by specialist subjects giving insight into the culture of Japan - not only its classical version but also modern. The curriculum reflects growing interest in the current face of Japan - trends in mass and popular culture (film, cartoons, new media). Modern Japan is shown against the background of its rich tradition and culture (theatre, literature, visual arts). This double focus is a unique feature of cultural studies at PJIIT.

Graduates can find employment in organisations where the knowledge of culture and language of Japan are important. They can also work for employers requiring competencies in culture management, administration, marketing (as cultural consultants). They can continue their studies at the higher (MA, MSc) level, for example specialising in social informatics (offered by the Faculty of Information Technology, PJIIT).