The history of PJAIT

The history of PJAIT

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PJAIT) was founded in 1994. Since the beginning, it concentrated on high quality education of specialists who could work in the field of computer techniques’ usage which was important for the development of Poland. A celebration of PJAIT’s 25th anniversary will begin in October 2019.

History of the academy:

2020                                                                                                                                                                               Return to top

  • On January 23, the exhibition of Elżbieta Gnyp, a lecturer at PJATK, presenting graphics inspired by nature and poetry by Bolesław Leśmian, took place at Galeria Zamojska.

  • In January, during the hackathon during the Google GDG DevFest conference in Lisbon, PJAIT students, Mr. Robert Grochowski and Mr. Maciej Lis, won second place. They created an application that informs drivers of approaching ambulance, fire and police vehicles.

  • Students of the New Media Art Department of PJAIT under the supervision of Rudi Baur, a world-renowned designer, co-created the exhibition "Présences typographiques, présences cartographiques" presented at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris.

  • In March, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, the Rector of PJAIT decided to suspend classes and introduce a special mode of work for the Academy's units.
    Students of the New Media Art Department, Yeva Morozova and Yuliia Negych, became finalists of the world design competition C-Idea!, this year held under the slogan "Smart life" in Taiwan.

  • In April, the PJAIT Open Day was held completely online for the first time due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

  • In April, Prof. Mitsuhiko Toho, co-founder and lecturer of PJAIT, was awarded the Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure, Golden and Silver Rays. This decoration is awarded in evidence of outstanding merits in service to the state or society.

  • In May, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology organized the international THEM–US – illustration // animation workshop, during which open lectures were given by professors of the School of Visual Arts from New York: Jimm Calhoun and Steven Heller.

  • PJAIT lecturers, Mr. Bartosz Witański and Mrs. Olga Krupa won the bronze medal at the European Design Awards in the Signs & Display category.
    Rafał Masłyk and Barbara Karpowicz, researchers and lecturers associated with XR Lab and the PJAIT Multimedia Department, presented their game "Albert's Journey", which was appreciated by the creators of the largest gaming platform Steam. Its demo version was included in the summer edition of Steam Game Festival 2020, which took place online from June 16-22.

  • PJAIT was once again at the forefront of the ranking of universities "Perspektywy 2020". The university took 4th place among all non-public universities in Poland. Among technical universities, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology came 13th (up by 5 places in comparison to 2019). It has once again become the undisputed leader among non-public technical universities. Computer Science (second-cycle studies) at PJAIT was rated 11th in the country (1st among non-public universities).

  • On October 23, a virtual conference IF — SOCIAL DESIGN FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES was held, focusing on sustainable urban development. The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology was a co-organizer of the event. During the conference, the importance of culture and social design in the debate on sustainable urban development was emphasized. The conference was attended by Marek Prawda, a representative of the European Commission, the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, the Rector of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Gerald Bast, and senior representatives of local governments and academic leaders from Europe.

  • The works of students of the PJAIT Multimedia Studio were shown during the Patchlab Digital Art Festival.

2019                                                                                                                                                                               Return to top

  • Two students of Graphics at the New Media Art Department at PJAIT received a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements for the 2018/2019 academic year. The winners of the scholarship were: Mrs. Zuzanna Rawa and Mr. Aleksander Małachowski.

  • On February 21, there was a vernissage of the Gyubal Wahazar exhibition on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the Witkacy Theater in Zakopane, prepared in cooperation with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. A team of students from the New Media Art Department presented the project of the book, theatre costumes and animations. The book "Gyubal Wahazar", created as a result of typography classes conducted for students of the 1st year of Multimedia Communication in English, was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the New York Type Directors Club (2018) and received the PTWK distinction (2018). The Gyubal Wahazar project initiated by Małgorzata Sady and Marek Średniawa was led by Dr. Ewa Satalecka, Dean of the New Media Art Department.

  • On March 14-16, the PJAIT Job Fair was held, during which students could meet specialists from various industries and take care of their professional career development.
    Students of supplementary master's studies at the Faculty of Computer Science: Mr. Kamil Dzieniszewski and Mr. Kacper Mordalski with the We Make Buttons team took third place in the PEKAO coders competition. Students worked on data from POS and GOV terminals looking for benefits for consumers, enterprises and Bank Pekao SA.

  • On April 8-12, the Japanese Week was held, co-organized by the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The program included a number of Future Text workshops. Japanese Art of Information, lectures organized at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art and a "Round Table Meeting" discussion with experts, incl. from the School of Visual Arts NYC, ShanghaiTech University in the Public Library of the Capital City of Warsaw, the Main Library of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.
    During the 11th Student Graphics Biennale in Poznań, Agnieszka Warcaba won the Dean's Award of the Faculty of Arts at UMCS in Lublin. The winning works were created in the Graphic Arts Studio of Prof. Andrzej Kalina as part of the New Techniques in Workshop Graphics subject.

  • On April 12-13, Allegro's BrainCode hackathon "From offline to online" took place. Four students and graduates of PJAIT took first place, developing a tool that allows you to create a regular subscription order.

  • Prof. Jerzy Paweł Nowacki, Rector of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, received the statuette of the 70th anniversary of Polish Information Technology. It was awarded by the Polish IT Society. Prof. Jerzy Paweł Nowacki has been the rector of PJAIT since 1994. For over 20 years he was associated with the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He belongs to several dozen international symposia, mainly in Poland, Japan and Sweden. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Technical Physics and the International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics in Materials. He lectures at the Department of Applied Computer Science PJAIT.

  • PJAIT became the patron of the international conference "Impact'19", which took place in Krakow on May 21-22. The topic of the conference was the future of innovative technologies.

  • On May 8, PJAIT joined the Night of Museums campaign, presenting various aspects of Japanese culture and the use of new technologies.
    The book "100 x Independence" of the PJAIT Publishing House received a distinction in the "The Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2018" competition organized annually by the Polish Society of Book Publishers.

  • The winners of the Polish Graphic Design Awards were: Jan Bajtlik, a lecturer at the New Media Art Department, and a student of this department, Maciej Połczyński. Jan Bajtlik received an award in the children's and youth book category for the item "Ariadne's Thread". The committee also awarded the PJAIT lecturer two awards: for the animated poster "Pologne une révolution graphique" and for the advertising and design illustration - "Animapolis". The award in the job typeface category went to Maciej Połczyński, a student of new media art at the graduate level, executor of the Maruder typeface. He prepared them for the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

  • In the ranking of non-public universities of the Educational Foundation "Perspektywy", PJAIT took 4th place. The university also ranked high in the list of majors in IT and the employers' ranking. The ranking of non-public universities "Perspektywy" includes 20 indicators according to the following criteria: prestige, graduates on the job market, scientific strength, educational conditions, innovation and internationalization of studies. The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology is the best non-public technical university. It was in the top five in the ranking of non-public universities of the country. The organizers of the "Perspektywy" ranking have also prepared a classification according to 68 directions. The IT Department of PJAIT improved its result by five places compared to last year's ranking, taking the 20th place. Taking into account universities, not faculties, PJAIT takes 10th place in teaching computer science in Poland.

  • On July 1, the princely couple of Japan, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko visited the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology to meet representatives of the university on the occasion of the centenary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. The princely couple met with the Rector, prof. Jerzy Paweł Nowacki, Chancellor, Barbara Nowacka, Vice-Dean, prof. Mitsuhiko Toho, and the ambassador, Tsukasa Kawada, and his wife. Their talks concerned educational challenges, cooperation between Poland and Japan, and the job market for young people.

  • On July 30, at the Warsaw Uprising Museum opened an experimental exhibition entitled 'Reflection. I'm like you, probably", co-founded by the second-year students of Computer Science at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Mrs. Agnieszka Bursztynowska and Mr. Michał Jankowski.

  • In July, the nationwide system of monitoring the Economic Fate of Graduates was updated with the next year. PJAIT was in the forefront in terms of graduate earnings. In the field of technical sciences, people after first-cycle PJAIT received an average of PLN 5,549 per month, and after second-cycle studies - PLN 7,741. In the national ranking for the 1st degree part-time management, graduates of the Information Management Faculty took 1st place. In Mazovia, in the category of extramural second-cycle studies in computer science, PJAIT is in 4th place. It is the highest position among non-public universities.

  • In September, students of the third year of New Media Art Department of PJAIT, Mr. Mateusz Król and Norbert Lisak, presented their original animation – large-format mapping, at the Lille town hall, in France. PJAIT students represented Poland in a competition organized by the Mapping European Center.

  • In 2019 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of PJAIT and the 15th anniversary of the New Media Art Department. On this occasion, on October 18, a jubilee exhibition of students from the Studio of Artistic Graphics of prof. Andrzej Kalina, "Cold Basement" at the Stara Prochownia Gallery in Warsaw. The exhibition summarizes the didactic and artistic activity of the Studio and presents a selection of the most interesting student works created from 2009 to 2019. The exhibition was attended by lecturers: Prof. Andrzej Kalina, Dr. Wojciech Domagalski, Dr. Piotr Żaczek.

  • In October, the next stage of construction of the new PJAIT didactic building started at the main campus at Koszykowa 86 in Warsaw.

  • In November, a transdisciplinary hackathon organized in cooperation with the Goethe Institute took place at the PJAIT Research and Development Center in Bytom. The event was devoted to innovative XR (Extended Reality) solutions for learning foreign languages, especially German. Members of the inter-institutional research group HASE — Human Aspects in Science and Engineering supported the students with their experience, expert knowledge and mentoring. It consists of young scientists from PJAIT, the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Information Processing Center and the Warsaw University of Technology who conduct joint research in the broadly understood XR area on a daily basis within the network of interactive innovative laboratories, virtual and augmented reality (VR, AR) and voice interaction (VA).

  • In December, the Medium Gallery at the New Media Art Department of PJAIT in Warsaw organized an exhibition of outstanding Japanese artists Ryousaku Miyasaka and Eri Suenaga.

  • The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology launched the #PJATK4Earth campaign, which is to change the daily habits of the university community to be more nature-friendly. For this purpose, activities were introduced under the common hashtag #PJATK4Earth. One of the elements of this action is segregating rubbish. New bins for waste appeared on each floor of the PJAIT buildings: metals and plastic, paper, glass, biodegradable and mixed waste. The garbage cans are completely ecological, because they are made of cardboard, and the bags are biodegradable.

  • On December 12, a public mapping show was held in Antwerp, which was created at the end of the immersive animation workshops conducted by our lecturers: Olga Wroniewicz and Agata Moryto for students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

2018                                                                                                                                                                               Return to top

  • January - PJAIT gained open access to a database called Applied Science & Technology Source. It is a comprehensive, full-text database which covers full spectrum of applied sciences and computer science. It presents knowledge about the challenges of traditional engineering and provides materials for research on the consequences of appliance of new technologies. The scope of the database covers many fields of applied science – from acoustics to aeronautics, robotics, biomedical engineering, neural networks or nuclear engineering.
  • The students of the Faculty of New Media Arts presented a project called „Places en Relation” in the Parisian Pompidou Centre where a museum of contemporary art is located. It was a part of an effort called „Civic City” which gathers designers, architects, graphic designers and students from 10 universities around the world.
  • April 24 - The Scientific Council of The Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in cooperation with PJAIT enacted the establishment of new, interdisciplinary postgraduate studies - digital humanities. The exploratory and educational cooperation of literary scholars and computer scientists is supposed to upgrade the humane education with the help of digital technologies. It also provides knowledge to the Computer Scientists on the latest trends in literary studies, language and culture, particularly on modern development of its digital research.
  • April - PJAIT along with SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities announced the establishment of new Intercollegiate Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in English – Psychology & IT. The participants of those studies learn about currents in traditional psychology as well as about the latest techniques of gathering, analysing and elaborating data, including big repertories.
  • May - the Educational Fund „Perspektywy” announced an annual ranking of universities. PJAIT was placed at number four among private universities. The ranking’s creators took into account criteria such as: scientific effectiveness and potential, the situation of the graduates on the job market, internationalization, prestige, innovativeness and the conditions of education.
  • June - a lecturer - PhD Wojciech Domagalski won a silver medal during International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. 848 participants send their projects to an open competition „Niepodległa”. 84 works of 78 artists from 18 countries were accepted for the competition which was held for the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence in 2018 and corresponding anniversaries in other countries of the region.

2017                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • March 2 - an Agreement of Cooperation was concluded between The State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People (PFRON) and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PJAIT) in order to increase the employment of the disabled, prepare and realise a programme “studies without barriers”, prepare alternative forms of didactic materials, develop and implement a programme supporting the training of disabled high school and technical school students in the field of IT.
  • April - PJAIT and the Poster Museum at Wilanów organised a series of events connected to the effort „Women’s Rights are Human Rights”. The project arose thanks to an acclaimed designer and a retired lecturer of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, professor Elizabeth Resnick. The project of the exhibition „Women’s Rights are Human Rights” was dedicated to the phenomenon of social issues posters on a global scale.
  • May - GALERIA MEDIUM on the Faculty of New Media Arts on PJAIT in Warsaw presented works of Józef Wilkoń – a brilliant Polish illustrator, painter and poster artist. The exhibition presents one of the last graphic works of the author who after many years of mastering the traditional graphic skills took to a modern technique of digital graphic arts. Also in May in DAP Gallery on Mazowiecka 11a Street in Warsaw an exhibition of professor Andrzej Kalina took place. Entitled "moja POLSKA podróż" (My POLISH journey) it depicts graphic illustrations and installations from the period of 1980-2017.
  • An interactive graduation project of the New Media Arts Faculty graduate Aleksandra Stodulska was shown in the main programme of the International Biennale WRO 2017 which is one of the most important new media arts previews in Europe. The graduation project entitled “Lazy Eye” realized in the Multimedia Workshop was presented on the exhibition “Impulsy Samoistne”.
    Professor Daniel Szczechura, a lecturer of the 2D Animation workshop on the Faculty of New Media Arts won the first prize – “Dragon of Dragons” on the Krakow Film Festival. The prize is granted for exceptional contribution to the development of world cinematography.
  • June – 17th edition of Virtual University conference VU’2017. The conference takes place within the framework of an agreement of four universities: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw University, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW and Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The conference engages in the most important aspects of e-education in all the fields and models.
  • June – Central Commission to Degrees and Titles granted the Faculty of New Media Arts an authority for bestowing PhD degree in plastic arts. Therefore PJAIT became the first private university to have such eligibility. Today PJAIT is authorized to confer a PhD degree in three scientific fields: IT, mechanics and plastic arts as well as post-doctoral degree in the field of Information Technology.
  • July – Exhibition TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB of which PJAIT is a partner. The exhibition comprises the best typographical projects and projects of magazine’s artwork from around the world. Type Directors Club is a professional non-profit organisation whose mission is a typographical education of international community of visual communication designers.
    November – PJAIT’s team "Ninja-PJATK" takes part in e-sport championship "Akademickie Mistrzostawa Polski" (Academic Championship of Poland) and wins the third prize.

2016                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • PhD Bogdan Księżopolski, a researcher at the Department of Computer Networks of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology received the Lublin Science Prize in 2015, called the Lublin Nobel Prize. Awarded work is the monograph "Multilevel Modeling of Secure Systems in QoP-ML", presenting a multi-faceted security analysis of information systems using the Quality-of-Protection Modeling Language (QoP-ML) model developed by the author. The proposed language allows, among others, creation of more efficient, safer and cheaper systems for network security.
  • prof. dr hab. Marcin Giżycki was granted an “Award for Outstanding Contributions to Animation Studies for 2016”. It is a remarkably prestigious award for an outstanding contribution to studies on animated film. Its formal presentation took place during World Festival of Animated Film Animafest in Zagreb in June.
  • April – creation of an exploratory laboratory (HCO-WLB) which is available to all persons interested, including persons conducting enterprises and research centres. The Laboratory came into being thanks to the support of the Mazovian Unit of EU Programmes Implementation as a result of a project called „Heterogeniczna Chmura Obliczeniowa jako Wielomodowe Laboratorium Badawcze (HCOWLB)” co-funded by the European Union from the funds of The European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme for Mazovian Voivodeship in period 2007-2013.
  • April – exhibition for the 10th anniversary of professor Marian Nowiński performing a function of the Dean of the Faculty of New Media Arts.
  • April – third edition of a conference “Element Talks” in Warsaw of which PJAIT is a partner. It is one of the biggest conferences dedicated to the works and business activity of the designer.
  • June – exhibition of works by the dean Marian Nowiński at Galeria Schody on Nowy Świat Street.
  • June - PJAIT was placed first among private technical universities in the country in the “Perspektywy” Ranking. It was also ranked high in a general comparison of technical universities. PJAIT was placed third in a “Ranking of Private Graduate Universities”. For years, the Academy has been at the top three of the best private universities in Poland. The Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology was also placed at the top ten best universities in the category “IT faculties” as well as it was ranked high in the category “Employer’s preferences”.
  • July – opening of an exhibition of New Media Arts Faculty students at the Warsaw Rising Museum called “Akcja Animacja” (“Action Animation”). The students have created cartoons inspired by interviews with the insurgents which are stored at the Oral History Archive at the Warsaw Rising Museum. The works have been developed under the supervision of PhD Piotr Nowiński, M.Sc. Rafał Masłyk and M.A Mateusz Szewczyk at the Workshop of Multimedia Cartoons and Games for Mobile Platforms.
  • October 21-22 – Laughter Conference of which the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology is a main co-organiser. A series of workshops, public events and a two-day conference dedicated to the role of sense of humour in communication, problem solving and conflicts in the Robot Era. The event took place in the headquarters of the National Film Archive–Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw.
  • PJAIT’s lecturer – M.A Jan Bajtlik received ORO / GOLD on an International Poster Biennale in Ecuador in a category A (Cartel Comercial) for a poster designed on an original exhibition in New York and also a silver medal for the poster “Pinocchio” in cultural poster’s category (category A) on an International Poster Bienalle in Mexico.
  • November 24 – start of the International Student's Moving Type Festival “Motyf 2016" in Mainz at a partner university Hochschule fur Gestaltung New Medien institute and Gutenberg Museum. Motyf Festival is an international event initiated in 2013 by the students of our Academy. Students from Germany, Belgium, 12 PJAIT’s students as well as lecturers from USA, New Zealand and a few other European countries take part in the festival. The topic of this year’s festival is the heritage of world philosophy and poetry interpreted with the help of new media techniques. Works of students from around the world will be presented. The participation of Polish students was possible thanks to a grant of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and PJAIT’s lecturers may take part in this event thanks to the Erasmus programme.
  • Painting exhibition of Piotr Nowiński in the Kazimierz Centre for Culture, Promotion, and Tourism on Lubelska 12 Street in Kazimierz Dolny.
  • December - Poster exhibition under a railway bridge at the Warszawa-Powiśle station by Wojciech Domagalski – a graduate assistant at the Graphic Techniques Workshop at the Faculty of New Media Arts.
  • Three of our students: Paloma Kałuzińska (graphic design, New Media Arts Faculty), Marta Myszewska – (graphic design New Media Arts Faculty) and Mariusz Tkaczyk – (management, Information Management Faculty) received one-year scholarships of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements in the academic year 2016/2017.

2015                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • Dawid Cieślak, a PJATK student, won the world competition final (co-organized by Huawei) for the most innovative mobile application, beating European-Asian rivals.
  • In the "Perspektywy" magazine ranking, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology ranked 1st among all non-public technical colleges in the country. In the category "Employer Preferences", PJATK achieved the highest scores from all non-public schools. This means that graduates of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology are highly rated on the labor market. PJATK's high position was also achieved in the category "IT Directions". The university was in the top ten in the country.
  • PJATK students came in second in Hackathon LubCode.
  • The ELITARNI team consisting of Maciej Kozłowski, Jakub Sikora, Wojtek Szczepański and Adam Uklański came in second in Lublin Hackathon LubCode. Our students on the 1st year of IT have prepared an application to file acts of destruction and vandalism to the City Hall.
  • The government of Japan awarded Professor Ewa Pałasz-Rutkowska, lecturer of the Department of Japanese Culture PJATK, with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon. The professor is considered one of the leading Polish Japanologists. The results of her research, including the history of Japan and the Japanese-Polish relations, have been published in the form of numerous books and articles. She also made a significant contribution to the promotion of Japanese-Polish academic exchanges, actively developing contacts with Japanese universities through joint research, articles and guest lectures. The Oder of the Rising Sun is awarded to civilians for merits for Japan.
  • Lecturer of our school and an outstanding designer of children's books, Jan Bajtlik, received the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award for the design of children's books and pedagogical activity for children. Jan Bajtlik leads students in the English-speaking New Media Arts program with a focus on visual communication and editing, and takes care of the group that prepares thesis.
  • In November 2015, the Educational Consortium was established at the headquarters of the Polish-Japanese Academy Information Technology in Warsaw. Polish universities, just like the largest US universities, will jointly prepare and offer open courses online. The consortium includes: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (leader), Leon Kozminski Academy, Dąbrowa Górnicza Business School and West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin.
  • Julia Potocka (3rd year student of Graphic Arts) and Dawid Cieslak (4th year student of Computer Engineering) received a scholarship from the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding achievements in the academic year 2015/2016.
  • PJATK has opened its Research-Development Center (CBT PJATK) in Bytom. The Center offers interactive access from anywhere in the country to its advanced analysis and synthesis labs in the share-economy model. Taking advantage of world-wide experience, CBR PJATK proposes cooperation and sharing of experience, hardware and software resources, enabling innovative and interdisciplinary research into the acquisition, analysis and synthesis of human movement, the dissemination of results in reputable world magazines, and development work leading to innovative products on the market. CBR offers, among others, access to the following labs: Human Motion Lab, Human Facial Modeling Lab (HFML) and Human Micro-expression Lab (HMX), HSL (Human Seeing Lab) WTL (Wearable Technology Lab), Human Dynamics and Multimodal Interaction Lab (HDMI) Laboratory.

2014                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • PJWSTK was granted the right to award a doctoral degree in technical sciences in the discipline of mechanics.
  • In the ranking of the weekly Wprost, the academy was ranked second among non-state universities, and fifth in general, as the university most respected by employers. The ranking is based on a survey of 500 largest companies in Poland.
  • The team LevelUP of PJWSTK came in second in the final of the national Imagine Cup 2014 in the Innovation category. The students in the Daprtment of IT at PJWSTK: Dawid Cieślak, Kamil Kowalski, Kuba Rejnhard represented the TapBooks project - a platform for books containing multimedia content created for the education sector. The platform on which books are created by and for users includes three elements: WebPlatform, a collection of all user and content contacts, Book Builder - a Windows 8 book creation application, and Book Reader - an application for reading. The team was supervised by Michał Tomaszewski, Ph.D., of PJWSTK.
  • On 24th October the university changed its name to the PJATK (Eng. PJAIT, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology). This change has to do with the school obtaining rights to award a doctorate in technical sciences in two disciplines.

2013                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • PJWSTK has launched new doctoral studies in the field of Social Informatics.
  • Two teams from PJWSTK took part in the national finals of the 11th edition of the Imagine Cup 2013 competition. They competed to represent Poland in the world finals in St. Petersburg.
  • Nokia has honored Michał Tomaszewski, lecturer at PJWSTK, with the Nokia Developer Champion award, which is awarded to the most active developers of Nokia development technologies.
  • PJWSTK came in second among non-public universities in Poland. This is the result of this year's edition of the University Ranking prepared by the educational monthly Perspektywy and the daily paper Rzeczpospolita. Thus, the academy advanced in comparison with the results of last year from III to II place. PJWSTK is also the best non-public technical university in Poland. On the list of all technical universities, the school surpassed a dozen public polytechnics.
  • PJWSTK came in first among all non-public academic institutions in the country in the academic ranking of Polish academic universities prepared by Polityka, which compared all academic universities in Poland in terms of quality of scientific research, conducted scientific research, etc. Generally speaking, PJWSTK has surpassed many state universities. In the same ranking, taking into account the specialization division, PJWSTK turned out to be the only non-public technical college. In this aspect, the academy also proved to be better than a few public universities.

2012                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • On February 22nd, 2012 JM Rector PJWSTK, dr Jerzy Paweł Nowacki received a medal from the Rector of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, prof. Stanisław Moryto, for the “merits for the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music ".
  • The participation of our IT faculty member, Jacek Czech, in the Summer Paralympic Games 2012.
  • In the Ranking of Universities 2012 prepared by the monthly Perspektywy and daily paper Rzeczpospolita, PJWSTK came in first among non-public technical universities in the country. On the list of all public and non-public technical universities, PJWSTK was ahead of Polytechnics: Czestochowa, Opole, Białystok, Rzeszów, Lublin, Świętokrzyska. In the ranking considering all non-public graduate schools in Poland PJWSTK took 3rd place. In terms of education, in the IT category, PJWSTK came in seventh in the country. The academy was ahead of universities: Jagiellonian, Wroclaw, Silesian, Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun and Polytechnics, including: Łódzka, Białystok, Czestochowa, Krakowska.
  • Launch of the EBL ebook rental service.
  • Zuzanna Szyszak, a student of Graphic Arts at the Department of New Media Arts, won the 21st Polish Film Festival Yach Film! Her music video for the song "Farewell to a Little Warrior" by Czeslaw Szpiewa won in the category "Animation". "Yach" is the most prestigious award for music videos in Poland, awarded since 1989.

2011                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • Launch of the project "Interactive Academic Squad for the Development of Knowledge-Based Economy", mainly directed to the young academic cadres of the PJWSTK. The project is 100% financed by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Program Measure 4.1.1.
  • Start of the project "University closer to business - graduate closer to work." The project is 100% co-financed by the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Program, Measure 4.1.1.
  • The Ministry of Science and Higher Education co-financed two research projects implemented by PJWSTK: Quantitative measurement of motion, rationalizing - based on multimodal motion measurement - subjective UPDRS criteria to improve diagnostics before and after implantation of DBS pacemakers in patients with Parkinson's disease and Dimension reduction of the time series of poses and exploring the variety to which they belong for the purposes of clustering, classification and visualization of motion.
  • On May 9th, 2011 the Voivode of Mazovia, Jacek Kozłowski and Rector of PJWSTK, Dr. Jerzy Nowacki signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of development of modern information technology as well as scientific and didactic cooperation. The agreement includes, among other things, the creation of joint research and development projects aimed at ensuring the implementation of the "Strategy for the development of the information society in Poland until 2013", in the area of ​​cooperation with country-related research and development centers, economics and humans, and administration improvements with the help of organizational techniques, management and information technology and organizing common projects, conferences, meetings, conferences, courses and seminars, didactic shows.
  • Minister of Infrastructure, Cezary Grabarczyk awarded PJWSTK with the Minister of Infrastructure Award for the contribution made by our academy in promoting the idea of ​​development of information technology. The Minister particularly distinguished the high level of education at PJWSTK, which was adapted to European Union standards, as well as significant progress in the field of information technology, which institutes entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Interdisciplinary doctoral studies in bioinformatics have been launched by PJWSTK, and in cooperation with partner institutions: Oncology Center - Instytut im. Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Gliwice Branch and "Genomed" S.A., the studies are conducted under the project "Interdisciplinary Academic Squad for the Development of Knowledge-Based Economy ", co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.
  • PJWSTK came in third in the ranking of non-public master’s degree schools published by the monthly Perspektywy and daily Rzeczpospolita papers. Above us was one humanistic academy and one with a business profile. In the ranking of academic universities, PJWSTK took second place among non-public universities. In the ranking of technical universities, PJWSTK was the only non-public higher education institution, taking 12th place ahead of many universities and colleges.
  • In October JM Rector PJWSTK, dr. Jerzy Paweł Nowacki received the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta from the President of the Republic of Poland for outstanding achievements in scientific-research, didactic and social activities, for popularizing science in Poland.
  • RecONCILE Project onset: Fast and reliable web content credibility assessment.
  • Zuzanna Szyszak - student of Graphic Arts at the Department of New Media Arts - received the first prize in the category of "Multimedia" at the International Biennale of Student Graphic Design, for a video clip entitled "Farewell to a Little Warrior" by Czesław Śpiewa.
  • According to the Webometrics ranking, in terms of multimedia, the PJWSTK, surpassed other non-public universities in the country. The ranking takes into account, among others: internet publications, databases, free access to resources, university activity and researchers on the web, positioning of university websites, etc. The ranking includes all universities in the world and has been in the process of preparation since 2004 by the Supreme Scientific Research Council in Madrid (CSIC).

2010                                                                                                                                                                             Return to top

  • The satellite campus teaching center in Gdańsk was transformed into an independent Department of Information Technology. Dr hab. Marek Bednarczyk, prof. PJIIT, became its dean.
  • In PJWSTK in Gdańsk, the Faculty of New Media Arts was established, which educates students in the field of graphic design.
  • Since October, master’s degree studies in cultural studies at PJWSTK have been launched in Warsaw.
  • Projects "@cademy for ICT Development - Postgraduate Studies" and SYNAT were launched.
  • Department of Information Technology PJWSTK once again received the first, highest category, ranking 11th in its field in "Electrical engineering, automatics, electronics and information technology". It is one of the highest positions in research institutes operating within higher education institutions, which indicates the great scientific achievements and implementations of the faculty of the IT Department.

2002 - 2009                                                                                                                                                                  Return to top


  • The Central Committee for Degrees and Titles granted the Department of Information Technology of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw the right to award doctoral degrees with habilitation of technical sciences in the discipline of Information Technology. In the same year, the specialization "Social Informatics" was launched in the Master’s degree studies in the field of Information Technology. In 2009/2010 studies were funded by a grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
  • The Faculty of New Media Arts PJWSTK was granted the right to conduct Master’s degree studies in graphic design.
  • The project "Supporting students of computer science as a key to the development of knowledge-based economy - enriching the didactic program of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology" won the Ministry of Science and Higher Education competition on so-called ordered specialties - ("Sub-measure 4.1.2. Increase of the number of graduates in key majors of the knowledge-based economy" Human Capital Operational Program).
  • The project "Modern staff for e-economy - the program of development of the 
    Department of the Polsko-Japońska Wyższa Szkoła Technik Komputerowych in Bytom" received funding under "Sub-measure 4.1.1 - Strengthening the didactic potential of the university" Operational Program Human Capital.
  • PJWSTK together with a consortium of other universities started the project "Regional foresight for universities of Warsaw and Mazovia - Academic Mazovia 2030".
  • The university was granted the right to award a habilitation degree in information technology and thus launched a doctoral degree program in information technology.
  • The Department of Information Technology, PJWSTK in Bytom was granted the right to conduct undergraduate studies in graphic design.
  • PJWSTK won the Ministry of Science and Higher Education competition on so-called ordered specialties "Sub-measure 4.1.2. Increasing the number of graduates in key majors of the knowledge-based economy" Human Capital Operational Program.


  • Rector of PJWSTK, Dr Jerzy Paweł Nowacki, was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by the Japanese Government. This is the second most important state award granted by Japan. The Rector was awarded the Order for outstanding contributions to the Polish-Japanese cooperation.


  • PJWSTK was granted the right to conduct undergraduate studies in cultural studies and launched the Department of Japanese Culture. Also in 2007, the academy received a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to launch the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator. This incubator also won the competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to support incubators of "Innovation Wizard. Support for innovative academic entrepreneurship. "
  • In October, a department in Gdańsk was opened, where studies in Information Technology are conducted.


  • The PJWSTK Research Center received the first (highest) category of the Scientific Council Committee in the field of "Electrical Engineering, Automation, Electronics and Information Technology".


  • At PJWSTK, the first Japanese exam in NŌRYOKU-SHIKEN in Poland took place. The university has become the official testing center, the only one in Central and Eastern Europe, which enables obtaining a worldwide certificate of Japanese language. In the same year, Prometric Testing Center was launched - the only center in Poland that allows TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and PMI examinations via Internet.
  • PJWSTK signed a cooperation agreement with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, under which PJWSTK created a new department - New Media Arts.


  • The school opened the satellite campus Department of Information Technology in Bytom.
  • PJWSTK was granted the right to conduct undergraduate studies in management and launched the Information Management Department.
  • PJWSTK, as one of the few non-state institutions, became a member of KRASP – the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland.


  • The school was granted the right to award a doctorate of technical sciences in the discipline of information technology.
  • PJWSTK, as the only non-state university, received categorization from the Ministry of Scientific Research and Information.
  • Online extramural studies were started.

1994 - 2000                                                                                                                                                                  Return to top


  • Under the auspices of JICA, the IT training center for Central and Eastern European countries was launched - the Third Country Training Program.
  • In October, the first CISCO Network Academy in Poland was launched.


  • PJWSTK was granted the right to award a master's degree in information technology.


  • PJWSTK became the official examination center of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB).


  • By the decision of the Minister of National Education, PJWSTK was entered into the register of universities under number 51 and was granted the right to award the title of IT engineer. PJWSTK students are entitled to the same rights as state university students, in particular those concerning public transport discounts, free health care, and postponement of military service.