Enrolment for Graduate studies - rules and regulations

Enrolment for Graduate studies - rules and regulations

Enrollment for the summer semester of the academic year 2019/2020, 2nd degree (graduate) studies (full-time, part-time online) starts at May 6th, 2019.

  • Full-time in Polish or English, 3-semester studies, afternoon/evening classes. Graduates of PJAIT or other schools who have completed minimum 7-semester undergraduate studies and have an Engineer (inżynier) degree.
  • Full-time in Polish or English, 4-semester studies. Aimed at graduates of 6-semesters undergraduate studies who have a BSc (bachelor) degree.
  • Part-time in Polish only (weekend and online) studies for candidates with either a BSc or an Engineer degree.


Applications are accepted until the middle of February - in certain circumstances it is possible to prolong it. 


Candidates are accepted on the basis of an interview. Graduates of Faculty of Information Technology of PJAIT are exempt. Graduates of other faculties of PJAIT have to come to an interview, but do not have to pay for it. Graduates from other schools may be asked to take the undergraduate subjects which were missing from their school's curriculum and are prerequisites for studies at PJAIT. 

Candidates from abroad take part in an enrolment interview conducted via Skype.

In each case, appropriate decisions are taken by the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology.


Enrolment "STEP BY STEP"

1. On-line registration

2. Submission of documents

3. Qualifying interview

4. Qualifying decision

5. Contract and admission fee


1. Online registration

Open an account on the enrolment portal: rekrutacja.pjwstk.edu.pl

You will receive an activation link by e-mail. When you activate the account, you will get access to your profile. Fill in the forms and upload your photograph. Please remember to choose the field of study and, if applicable, the date of the qualifying interview.


2. Submission of documents

Collect the required documents and bring them to the Enrollment Office. You can send them by mail (registered post or courier). 


Graduates of other schools submit:

  • application (download)
  • protocol of qualifying procedure for full-time studies (download)
  • a diploma confirming completion of studies of I or II degree with supplement – original
  • translation of the diploma excluding documents in Polish or English
  • apostille (if necessary)
  • a copy of an official ID 
  • a copy of payment for the qualifying interview (75zł)
  • 1 digital photography uploaded to the enrolment portal
  • health insurance 

IMPORTANT: Foreigners need to show a passport with a valid visa and health insurance, e.g. a policy valid for at least 3 months.

Graduates of PJAIT submit:

  • confirmation from the Students' (Dean's) Office of PJAIT (download)
  • application (download)
  • protocol of qualifying procedure for full-time studies (graduates of the Faculty of Information Technology) (download)
  • protocol of qualifying procedure for full-time studies (graduates of other faculties) (download)
  • 1 digital photography uploaded to the enrolment portal 


If a candidate has not received his or her documents yet, we accept the confirmation from the candidate's school and the record of study. Missing documents must be submitted at the earliest possible date. 


3. Qualifying interview

Before the interview, you should come to the Enrolment Office (Biuro Rekrutacji) in order for your ID to be verified and to get the protocol for the interview.

Candidates from abroad take part in an enrolment interview conducted via Skype. 

Registration on interview via enrolment portal.


4. Qualifying decision

During two weeks from the submission of documents and passing of an interview, you will get the decision of the Qualifying Committee.

Without all required documents and passed interview, the candidate will not receive the qualifying decision.


5. Contract and admission fee

Candidates who are qualified should pay the admission fee which is non-returnable. The proof of payment should be brought to the Enrolment Office, or sent by e-mail.

Payment of admission fee should be made to your individual account. The number is visible if you log into your profile at rekrutacja.pjwstk.edu.pl.

In special circumstances, it is possible to make payment to the general account of PJAIT:

Bank Millennium S.A.
Ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A
02-593 Warszawa

Domestic transfers account number: 41 1160 2202 0000 0003 5249 4962

International transfers account number PL41 1160 2202 0000 0003 5249 4962 SWIFT: BIGBPLPW

In the title add: your name, name of payment (admission fee interview) and faculty, e.g. Jan Nowak, admission fee, Information Technology


After completing all formal steps, a candidate signs a contract with PJAIT.

If documents are signed less than a week before the beginning of a semester, your student ID and account may not be ready on the first day of lectures but a little later.


Once you are accepted, further payment will be, add to your individual account - the number is visible is you go to your student profile at dziekanat.pjwstk.edu.pl

Download attachments: