Basic guidelines for submission of the thesis

Basic guidelines for submission of the thesis

Please view the following documents:

• Disposition of the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science concerning the procedure of admission to the defence of the final thesis/diploma examination (download).

• Regulations of the anti-plagiarism procedure in Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (download).

• Disposition of the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science concerning scheduling of thesis defense 2020/21 (download).

The final thesis should contain a title page conforming to the established template (download) and thesis summary (max 100 characters) and keywords.

A thesis in a language other than Polish should additionally contain a second title page in Polish (download) and a Polish-language summary and keywords.

Before planned diploma's defense it is required to submit the set of documents (listed below) to the Library:

• 1 hard-cover printed copy of the thesis - the final version of the thesis;

• 1 electronic-form copy of the thesis (CD or DVD) in the PDF, DOC, DOCX, or ODT format (it is recommended to provide at least two different formats). The disc should contain the entire thesis and any additional applications. The disc should be attached to the inside of the cover of the thesis in a thin plastic or paper sleeve;

• statement signed by the supervisor and author of the thesis, (available to view);

• all the documents required should be submitted.

The system guarantees that the thesis will be checked within a maximum of 7 days from the date of the introduction of the work into the system.

The result of the probability report will be entered into the “Application for admission to the defence of the final thesis”, to so-called clearance slip.

The Library shall not lend theses for the benefit of thesis defence.

The following should be presented at Dean’ s office (deadlines set forth by the Dean’s disposition):

• 1 electronic-form copy of the thesis

• supervisor’s assessment of the theses (download)

• reviewer’s assessment of the thesis (download)

• statement of having written the thesis in person (download)

Following the defence, please submit 4 photos in the 4.5x 6.5 cm format.

When collecting your diploma, please have your student ID and ID tag ready for return.

After your thesis defence :

- please submit a declaration form regarding which choice of free transcripts is to be provided to the graduate


(a declaration form can be collected from the Dean’s office or downloaded here)
PJAIT provides graduates with three free sets of documents (diploma and supplement):
1x original in Polish + 2x transcripts in Polish or
1x original in Polish + 1x transcript in Polish + 1x transcript in English

- please submit 4 photographs with your declaration (4.5cm x 6.5 cm)

Information regarding the collection status of your diploma (and/or transcript in English) will appear on your PJAIT profile (after logging in to the Web-Dziekanat, click on the Course of Studies tab) – this is available for graduates from 2016/2017 and later.
You are requested to return your student ID card when collecting your diploma.

In order to receive an additional transcript (no more than 3 copies) in English, please submit the following to the Dean’s Office within 30 days of your thesis defence:

  • application form (available from the Dean’s Office or here)
  • a translation of your thesis title verified by your thesis supervisor
  • additional photographs (identical with the Polish copy, the number of additional copies corresponding with the number of proposed transcripts)
  • proof of payment (40 PLN for one set)

See also: set of issues for the diploma examination for the Computer Science Department, undergraduate program.