Coordinator: prof. Lech Banachowski

Subjects covered

Students get acquainted with programming, administration and tuning of databases, on the examples of the following systems: Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Additionally students learn to use CASE tools, create database applications for Internet and local use.

Possibilities of using the knowledge in future work

Graduates can work as database designers, administrators, programmers, website designers and programmers, database application programmers.

Sample titles of thesis projects done so far

  • Tourism;
  • Library;
  • Third Country Training Program;
  • JazzWorld Society;
  • System for statistical assistance in Chance games;
  • On-line ta shop;
  • System for the association "Edukacja pod żaglami" (Education on board);
  • Internet shop;
  • Australia – educational application for children.


The lab is equipped with virtual servers: design, databases and applications. Students have a variety of programming, design and system tools, such as:

  • CASE tools for design tasks: Oracle Designer, Microsoft Visio;
  • Design methodologies of Oracle, Microsoft and Rational Software (IBM);
  • Database Systems: Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, Postgres, MySQL;
  • Environments for creating client applications: Visual Basic, Java, C, C #, C++, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports;
  • Environments for creating web applications: Oracle Internet Application Server, Oracle JDeveloper, Microsoft Internet Information Server, ASP.NET, Apache, PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, XML, web services.